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Ch. 23
Jimin and Tae leave Daegu on the train. Jimin has his eyes closed with his earbuds in his ears.
“Why are you like this Park Jimin? Why do you a womanizer? YN asks me.
“I don’t know I guess it’s just a way for me not to get too close to someone, a way of protecting my heart. I don’t want to end up like one of those people who have to go through the pain of heartbreak. I feel like I wouldn’t survive it.” I explain.
“I feel sorry for you; you never plan on experiencing love then?” YN asks. Jimin looks at her and just blurts out.
“If it’s with you, I might change my habit.” Jimin’s eyes get wide waiting for YN’s response. She just looks at him surprised by his answer.
“So your saying, I could be the one who could end your womanizer ways?” YN says with a wink and walks up closer to Jimin. Jimin gulps and nods his head. As YN moves in closer to him, pressing her body up against his. YN looks up at Jimin with a smirk, then licks her lips.
“Is this your way of saying you want to date me Park Jimin?” YN asks, Jimin just nods his head. He could smell her perfume and feel her body heat, Jimin was becoming intoxicated by her.
“How could someone make you feel this way?” Jimin thought as he noticed his heart begging to race. He doesn’t know why it started but he just knew it did. Maybe it’s because they’ve been so close for so many years. That she understands him, maybe that’s what is different.
YN places her hands around his neck pulling him down to meet hers and plants a passionate kiss on his lips.
*End flashback*
Jimin opens his eyes, he has a small smile on his face, remembering the good memories may be enough.
Yoongi’s POV
In all honesty I wish this damn train would move faster. I tried to call YN, but she wouldn’t answer my calls. I sent her text messages but she wouldn’t respond. Now I know how she felt when she was trying to get a hold of me. “You’re so stupid Min Yoongi” I scold myself. I keep trying to get in touch with her but it’s useless. I look at the address Jimin gave me I really hope it’s correct if it isn’t and he sent me on a wild goose chase just to have YN all to himself I’ll kill him.
I tap my hands on my knees trying to keep myself occupied, I check my pants pocket just to make sure the gift is still there. I pull it out and look at it then put it back in. I run through different scenarios to help keep me occupied and to help pass the time.
Finally, I’ve arrived in Seoul, it’s early morning, I try one last time to call YN when I reach the street. I grab a taxi and give them the address I need to get to. I felt like it was taking forever to reach her when it only actually took 20 minutes, every minute felt like an eternity.
Finally arrive at YN’s house, it’s really foggy this morning and it looks it appears all the lights are on in the house. I walk up to the door. Before I knock I take a deep breath and let it out, then another. I raise my hand to knock on the door. After knock on the door. An older male answers, I bow towards the man.
“Good morning, I’m Min Yoongi is YN here?” I ask as politely as possible, since I recognized him to be YN’s father.
“Come on, she’s in the piano room.” The older man says. I follow him with my hands behind my back. “So, your him huh? The one she brought to dinner.” The man asks.
“Yes sir, I am.” I say shyly. I clear my throat and we had reached the door to the piano room.
“Well, good luck man.” The older male says before leaving. I nod my head.
“Thank you, sir.” I reply. I knock on the door but I don’t get a response I press my ear to the door and all I hear is the piano. She’s playing “Wherever you are” by One Ok Rock. I open the door as quietly as I can and walk into the room. YN’s back is facing me so she doesn’t see me.
I walk quietly towards her, I can hear her sniffling, she’s crying. I feel a sharp pain in my chest I stop in my tracks, I place my hand over it. Taking a deep breath then I continue walking towards her. When I finally reach her I wrap my arms around her shoulders and place my head on her shoulder, whispering in her ear.
“Marry me?” I ask. The music stops, YN lifts her head and turns it towards me. I see her red teary eyes. I pull out the box that I had in my pocket. I get on my knees and open it.
“YN, please marry me. I’ve been in love with you since I was a kid. I was planning on finding you anyway and asking you. But by fate you came back to me on your own. I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you before the festival. I saw Jimin carry you into your house the other night and I was upset by it. I was childish. Please forgive me.” I wait for a response; I’m looking at her face trying to read her expression.
I feel his arms wrap around my shoulders and I instantly forgave him ignoring me. I felt all negative thoughts disappear. How can he do that? How can he comfort me so much with the slightest touch? Then I’m surprised by his question.
“Marry me.” My breath catches and a smile comes across my face. I quickly let it fall because I don’t want him to see it yet. I turn to face him. Yoongi gets on his knees and begs me for forgiveness and to marry him. I just enjoyed hearing those words. “Marry me.”
“Say it again.” I ask.
“Marry me, YN. I want you by my side, I’m alone without you.” Yoongi replied.
“Yes, yes Yoongi I’ll marry you.” I reply, Yoongi smiles and gets up to hug me tightly and kiss me everywhere on my face expressing his happiness in my answer.