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Ch. 24
We somehow made it back to my bedroom, as soon as the door was shut, we grab each other and kiss each other passionately while holding and rubbing each other’s bodies feeling each other like we haven’t touched in years. My body was craving his touch almost to the point of pain when he touched me, but it quickly faded as I let myself melt and relax.
You know how much you’re in love with someone when your body completely let’s go. As much as I wanted this to be passionately hard and fast, I wanted it slow and sweet, apparently Yoongi wanted that too. The way he caressed my body with his hands, as he lifted my shirt and unclasped my bra, the way he moved his lips along my neck and breasts. My actions mirrored his as I lifted his shirt and kissed his neck and chest. Pinching lightly on his left nipple, while sucking and licking the right and then switching. Hearing his deep baritone moan just made me even hotter, to the point I kept going down kissing his stomach.
I get on my knees and unfasten his pants pulling them along with his boxers down, his hard member springing out, Yoongi quickly grabs his cock and places it on my lips. I kiss the tip before wrapping my mouth around the head and start sucking gently. I wrap my left hand around the base and start to stroke and squeeze him slowly pumping him as I lick and suck the head. Yoongi’s moans let me know he’s enjoying it, his thrusts tell me I should suck harder and faster. I take all of him in my mouth and it sets him off. Yoongi pushes me away, I look up at him confused for a moment.
“My turn.” He says. Yoongi pulls my skirt down along with the white lace panties, Yoongi lays me lightly on the bed and kisses me passionately as he rubs me with his free hand. Yoongi continues to rub me as he kisses his way down, once he reaches his desired destination he kisses my inner thighs softly and blows along my clit. My whole body begins to shiver from the sensation and expectation. I want him so badly but the tease of waiting drives me crazy. I take a deep breath just to control myself desire. That’s when I feel his tongue and fingers moving inside of me, I run my fingers through his hair, grabbing his hair as I arch my back. Yoongi places his hand on my stomach pressing me down.
Yoongi’s POV
I’m sucking, licking, and fingering her wet hole, she moans my name so sexually it makes me want to rush this and put my cock inside of her, but I want it to last long, it’s not about me, it’s about her, about her pleasure first. I want to make sure she will never ever think of Jimin. I want him to become a forgotten memory as a lover.
“Kiss me Yoongi, kiss me.” YN moans out between breaths. I come up to her and kiss her passionately, she moves her hands down my body and slips her right hand under me and grabs my cock, placing it where she wants it to go, I slowly slide into her as we kiss.
I’m laying on top of her, I’m inside her, I pull away from our kiss my elbows beside her head, as I brush her hair away from her face we smile at each other while we look at each other in the eyes. I never imagined feeling this strongly for someone, it’s beautiful. I’m very lucky we feel the same way about each other.
I lean in to kiss her again as I pump inside of her.
His eyes are so beautiful, I can lose myself in them, he smiles at me and I return the smile. He kisses me again and starts pumping in and out of me. I wrap my legs around him pushing him deeper. I wrap my arms around his neck holding him tightly. I’ve never had the drug ecstasy, but I’m pretty sure what my body and mind are feeling are exactly what it would feel like, pure euphoria. And the best part is when we both climax at the same time.
We lay together on my bed cuddled in each other’s arms, I’m resting my head on Yoongi’s chest, I’m listening to the rhythm of his heart and I am happy that I’m no longer alone.
We spend the day in Seoul just walking around, enjoying our time together taking pictures together before we head back to Daegu. We even meet Jimin for lunch.
“Hello Jimin.” I said when we meet at the restaurant. Jimin gives his cute smile, he comes towards me arms open wide for a quick hug. I’m looking over at Yoongi, who doesn’t look happy that Jimin’s hugging me, but not completely pissed off more annoyed than anything else. Yoongi was going to have to get used to it, since Jimin is a friend. After Jimin breaks the hug he takes Yoongi’s hand in a handshake. Yoongi took this opportunity to squeeze extra hard reminding Jimin that “yes, I may look small, but I’m stronger than you think” I see the glow on Yoongi’s face in accomplishment. Males and their alpha complex, I’ll never understand it.
The dinner is filled with good conversation and laughs. When dessert comes around, I look at Yoongi and smile at him, Yoongi nods. He knows what I am going to say.
“Jimin, I have to tell you something.” I look at Jimin who looks at me and Yoongi, waiting for the information.
“Yoongi asked me to marry him.” I stated. Jimin’s face went from smiling to shocked.
“What? Are you serious?” Jimin asked. I nod my head to confirm.
“We would like it, if you could sing at the wedding. And be Yoongi’s best man?” I ask. Jimin’s taken back at my questions. He thinks about it, taking a sip of warm tea.
“Okay, it’s the least I could do for you right?” Jimin responds with a fake smile. His heart completely broke into millions of pieces. He thought dating was one thing, but marriage, he wasn’t expecting Yoongi to ask her this quickly.
“Let me know the song you would like me to sing and send it to me, I have an appointment so I’ll be leaving. Congratulations.” Jimin said as he stood up, bowed and left. I knew he was upset; I just didn’t know how much. I watched as he left.
Shortly after Jimin left, Yoongi and I leave and as we are about to pay our bill the waiter comes and advises us it’s already been paid for by the gentleman who left earlier.
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