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Ch. 25 (Final)
It’s been six months of planning the wedding, my mother is with me in Daegu.
“I don’t understand why you can’t marry in Seoul; why must you marry here in Daegu?” she asks me. I roll my eyes and answer for the hundredth time.
“Mom, I grew up here, I met Yoongi here, why wouldn’t I want to get married here?” I ask her. My mother just shrugs her shoulders.
“I don’t know what you see in Yoongi, I liked Jimin better, at least he was cute.” My mother stated her opinion, I chuckle.
“Yoongi is my other half mother, I feel complete when I’m with him, with Jimin I didn’t feel that, I felt like I was walking on egg shells. It was exhausting.” I explain. “And for your information, Yoongi is sexy, Jimin is just a cute boy. I guess he’s good for boyfriend material, but to spend the rest of my life with, the only man is Yoongi.” I continued. We finish our shopping and planning for the day and I send my mother home.
I come home to Yoongi ending a phone call.
“Hello beautiful.” Yoongi says as he sees me. I smile and walk over to him on the couch.
“My mother is insane.” I whine. Yoongi chuckles.
“Let me guess annoying you with marrying me again right?” I nod my head.
“Mom, Dad, I’m going to marry Yoongi, he just purposed to me.”
My parent’s eyes grow wide with shock, my father looks at my mother waiting for her fit throwing and screaming. It never came she was in too much shock. My father on the other hand takes Yoongi’s hand.
“Welcome to the family son. Please take care of my baby girl, love her unconditionally.” I was surprised by my father’s words.
“I promise sir.” Yoongi replies to my father. My father pulls Yoongi in for a hug, which is rare, I’ve never seen him hug my mother.
*End flashback*
Eventually my mother came around, but she still has to put her two cents in every once in a while. With time I know she will love Yoongi as much as she did Jimin.
It’s finally here, the day of the wedding. I’m so nervous I didn’t sleep a wink the night before I look like a zombie, thank god for make-up.
We are having a small wedding, being married at his grandmother’s house, and then walking to my grandmother’s house for the reception. Why? We wanted to include the two most important woman to us, if it wasn’t for them being friends we would have never have met. It was beautiful.
Yoongi is wearing a black tux, my dress is an off the shoulder white lace full mini dress.
Even with as nervous as I was, when I placed my hand in Yoongi’s it all went away and the only people there was Yoongi and I. The ceremony went smoothly and the reception was beautiful. Our colors were our favorites, thankfully since Yoongi liked white our colors matched very well together.
When it was time for the best man’s toast, Jimin stands up and clings his glass getting everyone’s attention.
“Excuse me, I have a speech to give.” Jimin stated as he clears his throat, and fixed his tux.
“I met YN, when in high school, she was a transfer student. I’ll admit I was attracted to her when I first saw her. YN has this aura about her that makes you fall in love with her no matter what. She’s very special. I was scared to even think about falling in love with her, but it happened anyway and we dated for a while. Then I made a mistake, I broke her heart, I didn’t mean to and I regret it every day. But she met Yoongi, I’ve always known about her first love, I also knew that I could never replace him, she told me herself. “Jimin continues to ramble.
“I’m not sad anymore, or broken hearted from losing YN. I’m actually grateful because she taught me how to love someone, she opened my heart to love and I’m sure I’ll find someone someday. But for now I’ll keep the precious memories of love and as the love between Yoongi and YN grows I hope my love will grow for someone in the future. Their love is a rare true love.” Jimin sits down, I reach over and hug him.
“Thank you Jimin.” I tell him, he smiles. Yoongi looks over at him and nods his head. Jimin turns to me, I’m not finished.
“I have one more thing to say. This is a gift from Yoongi to his soulmate YN. Come on Yoongi let’s do this.” Jimin says. Yoongi gets up from his seat and moves over to the piano in the corner. Jimin stands by the piano. Yoongi starts to play a song and Jimin starts to sing. My eyes start to tear up as I know this song. “You are my life” it’s a FT Island song, it’s a beautiful song, and Jimin did an amazing job of singing it. It was the best wedding gift.
Five years later
“Honey, your next appointment is here.” I shout to Yoongi as I let in a pair of children.
“Hello, my name is YN, what are your names? I ask the boy and girl. The boy reminds me of a younger Min Yoongi and the girl reminds me of a younger me. They are both shy and don’t answer my question. It was the older woman who came in behind them that answers.
“Hello, I’m Min’s grandmother, and this is his friend Yoona” she replies. I smile at them.
“It’s nice to meet you.” I say to them. As I direct them into the living room where the piano is located. Yoongi is setting up the books for his lesson. I motion for the children to walk into the room. They look up at the older woman and she nods her head in response.
Min’s grandmother and I stay behind in the doorway. I have my hand on my pregnant stomach. I couldn’t be happier, as we watch Yoongi’s piano lesson.
Yoongi got down to their level and greeted them properly.
“Good afternoon, I’m Yoongi I’ll be your piano teacher.”
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well it took me forever to get to read this, but im also glad i waited! this was so good! I couldn't put ot down, sorry for the feed blow up. Tag me in your on going works as well
Awww I'm sad it's over. It was so good, I loved it!!!
Thank you so much everyone! 😀.
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