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Over 15 Million Copies of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Games Shipped Worldwide
Congratulations to Bandai Namco Entertainment and CyberConnect2 for hitting yet another milestone! Bandai Namco Entertainment has, today, announced over 15 million copies of games from the Ultimate Ninja franchise have been shipped worldwide! The franchise came to fruition back in 2003 with Naruto: Ultimate Ninja on PS2, made the transition to PS3 in 2008 with Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, and just recently to PS4 in 2016 with the electrifying Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4! Along the way, a few PSP games were released too! In total, there have been 14 Ultimate Ninja games published in 13 years. In January of 2012, Bandai Namco announcedover 10 million copies of games from the Ultimate Ninja franchise were shipped worldwide. To thank fans for their support, Bandai Namco is offering a free, exclusive PS4 theme and wallpapers for PC and Xbox One of Naruto and Sasuke. You can download them using the links below.