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Can you help me out?
I've been trying to get this little online business of mine up and running but I'm really bad with networking so it's going super slowly. So if you guys can help me out and check my little store out that'd be amazing and it'd help me out a whole bunch! I do mostly original works or characters but I've been slowly getting into fan art and I'm working on a Park Jimin piece next. I'm really into K-pop so I'm trying to get more up there. Right now I only have a D.O. Kyungsoo piece up and I'm working on a Jungkook and Suga pieces from there part in the War of Hormone mv when Jungkook picks up Suga because for some reason I find it cute X3. There are a variety of things on the site from shirts to notebooks and I'm looking to upgrade my program that I use to draw with im order to extend the variety of things I can put out but I need the extra money to do so which I sadly do not have. If you have any questions comments or request just let me know.