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This Anime OP is freaken awesome and goes with the anime theme so well.. It might come off as slow and kind of sweet in the beginning for some people but for me it goes with Kaneki so damn well sweet and pure in the beginning and then the song goes into a more twisted beat which is like Kaneki when he is turned into a ghoul! Love this song it gives me chills when I hear it.. it just goes so well with the Anime!

Song Title : Unravel

By : TK From Ling Toshite Sigure

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@ClaudeFaustas What a cruel world you live in Claude
@AimeBolanos yes it's horrible first everyone loves Sebastian and wants me dead and then my master won't let me have one Sasha doll😭
@ClaudeFaustas *tries not to laugh* Oh how cruel!
@AimeBolanos it's aweful I can't even think. now I must prepare the master's tea