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Hahahah this couple is seriously crayyy!! Such good television!
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@roselee89 HAHAHAHAH why didn't i think about that....all i could think about was how crazy these people were acting..... that is SUCH A GOOD POINT
this restaurant looks shockingly clean though
@curtisb Really? I haven't seen this show before, so i'm pretty new at this. Do other restaurants have dirty kitchens?...
I don't know about this show but I know some do! (any taco bell haha) But in this video the kitchen looks spotless. Actually I saw an interview with one of the waitresses who said it was extremely clean
@curtisb HAHAHAH taco bell hahahahah great example! Well i really hope that all the kitchens in the restaurants that I go are clean...or else i could FLIP!! I can't imagine a restaurant being dirtyyyy EWW