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PD Kim Jong Hak, the man behind the SBS drama 'Faith', was recently found dead in his studio. The exact cause of death has not yet been confirmed, but it is thought to be most likely suicide at the moment as traces of butane gas has been found, as well as a will addressed to his family, a portion of which read, "I am sorry to my family." Kim Jong Hak was previously investigated for embezzlement with the cast and the other staff of 'Faith' not receiving proper payment, and was forbidden to leave the country with the investigation going on. Those close to him believe these happenings took a toll on the PD's mental state. Kim Jong Hak brought to life dramas like 'Eyes of Dawn', 'Sandglass', 'Daemang', 'The Legend', and 'Faith'. Our sincere condolences go out to his family and friends. Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Sun, and Cast of ‘Faith’ Pay Respect to Fallen Producer. With the sudden passing of producer Kim Jong Hak, many stars who worked with the director rushed to pay their respects, including the cast of his last project, SBS’ Faith. Through a blog post by writer Song Ji Na, who worked on several projects with Kim Jong Hak, it was revealed that both Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho came to visit the director. “In the midst of talking about old stories with the actors that I worked with a long time ago, my heart especially hurt because of the actors of Faith,” wrote Song Ji Na. “Hee Sun, who came with a pale face after two long recordings, Min Ho, who hurriedly got on a plane and flew overnight, Duk Hwan, who sat under the dark shadows, or Sae Young, who burst in tears – don’t sit in the corner like that.” Song Ji Na especially mentioned that the cast felt guilty as they believed the producer was pressured after he was charged for breach of duty, embezzlement and fraud when failing to pay the actors of Faith. Song Ji Na made it clear in her entry that Kim Hee Sun couldn’t stop crying because the actors filed a complaint to the production company and not the director. Kim Jong Hak was found dead at a gositel on July 23. His death is assumed to be a suicide. [News]: Acted before Kim Jong Hak's last project ‪#‎Faith‬ 's Kim Hee Sun and Lee Minho came on 24th 3am to express their condolence. Reporters interviewed them and both remain silent. Cr. Newsis 4:10 news on Lee Minho Cr. weibo ~Admin/Jominz
very sad:(great talent has passed away:(
ohh.... suskie..? hmm.. my condolances, respect 2 her family
I condole the loss of Kim Jong Hak, and of course this is very surprising world of film, especially the crew of Faith, especially the leading man Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun...
oh my God....I'm shock !!! my condolances to his family. and I think both Lee min ho and hee sun noona must be shocked
oh my God....I'm shock !!! my condolances to his family. and I think both Lee min ho and hee sun noona must be shocked
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