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Kcon NY 2k16 馃挊
Hey guys is anyone going to kcon New York. Does anyone want to hang out and meet up????
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Wait I have a question? So I have combo tickets but I still need to register for the convention part right? Is it free?
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@Izab3lla yeah u register online and pick the option that's free; the option that's 25 is if U want to go to klub kcon Also u register if u want the chances for fan engagements and stuff; if u just want to buy stuff u can go in the convention for free wo tickets or registering or anything I'm pretty sure
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@swoopingisbad99 ah ok yea that's what I thought but I wasn't sure, thx!
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I DIDN'T KNOW ERIC WAS GONNA BE THERE! NUUUUUUUUU someone tell him I wuvs him for meeeeeee馃樋馃樋馃樋 jk plz don't.
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Guys please check my new card since I am selling my kcon tickets
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