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1 - Cycle the Tour de France The world's premier long-distance cycling event is for pros only—but there's nothing stopping you from enjoying some of the world's best bicycle routes by following the Tour de France's annually changing path from dizzying mountain passes to the charms of France's sunny Mediterranean coast. 2 - Windsurf in Turkey Turkey's beautiful coastlines and clear waters draw legions of visitors each year, but those looking for reliable winds tend to descend on a scenic, formerly sleepy fishing village called Alacati 3 - Dive Into Alexandria's Classical Past Few dives can match those to the sunken treasures offered in and around Alexandria, Egypt—a glimpse of ancient civilizations from the pharoahs to the Romans. Sites like the sunken City of Cleopatra, in today's harbor, allow divers to explore statues, amphorae, columns, and even ancient buildings. 4 - Ski the Abruzzo Fun in the Mediterranean sun needn't always include sand and surf—snow sports also thrive not far from the lapping waves. Italy's Abruzzo region, with its long Adriatic coastline, offers great skiing, surprisingly reliable snow, and picturesque villages stocked with topflight eateries. 5- Kite Surf Tarifa, Spain Europe's southernmost port town is perched on the Strait of Gibraltar and draws kite surfers to a dozen or so beaches well situated to feast on howling winds funneled through the strait.
@leecatlee for me too !! I would definitely do that when i am in Turkey !!
well you could do the tour from Toulous to Marseil, it still great i guess ;D
windsurfing in turkey is definitely going on my bucket list!
cycling the Tour de France? that sounds pretty intense