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Que tal peeps!

I love Jay Park for countless reasons, but his crew though....The SWAG IS TOO MUCH. I found some interesting stuff that fans made about the whole crew and how they would love their lady. Have you wonder how would they love you if you were their lady. Well other fan have too. These are not my thoughts. I'm just sharing. PG 13


HELLA EXTRA “We should do it to my song.” “ಠ_ಠ” IF YOU’RE MAD AT HIM HE GETS DRAMATIC AND GETS ON HIS KNEES AND STARTS SINGING FOR YOU TO COME BACK TO HIM IS TRASH FOR THE BOOTY LIKE IF BOOTIES WERE A CELEBRITY HE’D BE TRASH FOR THEM “BOOTY POSTED A NEW TWEET-” “I’M SCREAMING” “KYA SO CUTE ♡” whenever you get dressed up he says ‘mommae’ on repeat TALKS ABOUT HIS SEX LIFE WITH EVERYBODY “And THEN they got a whip and I was like damn bae!” *Dog whines* is a total perv so he gets on your nerves a lot but you love him so- 75% DOM CUZ HE LIKES YOU ON TOP SOMETIMES :^) Several positions- mostly from behind (*coughs*) LOVES it when you scratch his back or when you undress him :^) GIGGLING DURING SEKKUSU TBH CUZ Y’ALL ARE CHILDISH GETS JEALOUS EASILY *a little boy comes up to you and gives you a flower* “You’re really pretty ♡” “Oh why thank you sweetie ♡” “Aye- this” *smacks your ass* “is mine move along munchkin.” waking you up by giving oral Also he doesn’t say it much but you mean the world to him- so he tells you by doing little things like bringing your favorite snacks or going to the carnival

Simon Dominic

85% Dom GETS CALLED DADDY A LOT IS A DADDY but a nice daddy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) SUGAR DADDY TOO TBH “CAN I HAVE THIS PURSE PLEASE I’LL PAY YOU BACK” “You don’t have to just say the magic word-” “Please daddy? ♡” “Of course anything for my baby ♡” Not really a bdsm kind of guy??? but is into a lot of *cough* denial in bed takes it slow (cuz he’s a old man) public teasing tbh Likes your chest and thighs more- FINDS IT SOOOOO SEXY IF YOU SEDUCE HIM HIMASJNKKJG Like pushing yourself on him while wearing tight clothing and biting on your lip loves cute lingerie like a fluffy pink bra or a kitten get up Prefers giving oral sekkusu then receiving Hella childish tbh Is trash for girl groups honestly *You come in dressed as CL* *SWEATS PROFUSELY* Very relaxed most of the time so he’s always at a moderate pace UNLESS YOU TOP HIM THEN IT’S DIFFERENT STORY on rare occasions he’s the type to come home and take his tie off and punish you still not a bdsm guy doe SWEET TALKER BUT USES PROFANITIES get embarrassed if ask him to give you a lap dance he gets really needy sometimes just wanting to cuddle and grab your thighs


sexy af in a suit & tie and he knows that’s your biggest turn on along with some nice ass cologne? shower sekkusu- IN THE CAR (MAYBE) doing it everywhere tbh- has his moments where he makes love to you doe when you roam your hands over him it drives him crazy yo likes it when you pulls his hair :^) BITING HICKIES, MARKS, ALL DAT BUT ON SPECIAL OCCASIONS Dirty talker Swearing, innuendos, etc his voice is what you makes you hot the most MOANER TBH likes to have you in sexy lingerie LOVES IT WHEN YOU KISS DOWN HIS ABDOMEN OOOOO- oral sekkusu (giving or receiving it doesn’t matter to him) Finds it sexy when you’re mad Switch but mostly dom likes restrictions (on him or you it doesn’t matter) silk sheets


He’s really chill??? so he like randomly blurts out if you want to have sekkusu all the time very open with each other Lazy sekkusu 24/7 MORNING SEKKUSU he doesn’t do it at night bcuz he’s too tired for that LOL grinding (or dry humping however you wanna call it) honestly- sWEET TALKER LET’S BE REAL HIS CHEEKS IS FILLED WITH LOVE (I’m hella biased i’m sorry-) GROANER very minimal swearing Switch (HE’S LAZY) MAYBE SOME GOOD GRUB? OR DESSERT LIKE CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES CUZ HE THEN FEELS LIKE HE’S BEEN DOING GOOD Is big on sounds? so like R&B music in the BG SFSOFIONGJONMDPAK HE’S SO GOOFY ISTG HE PUT ON “MY BOO” BY GHOST TOWN DJ’S ONCE WHEN YOU GUYS WERE ALL READY TO GET IT ON AND HE DID THE RUNNING MAN HE DIDN’T GET NONE THAT NIGHT he slept on the couch is very grabby he was shy at first but got completely comfortable with just grabbing your butt or chest- you just glare at him and he’s like “:3 what I do?” everyone calls you the sloth couple cuz you’re both hella lazy and slow In interviews: “What do you guys do on special days?” “Sleep.” he doesn’t like when you’re mad at him so he tries to make it up to you by kissing you and being a sweet asshole >> “But babe I love you more then Tinashé!” STILL HAS HER AS HIS WALLPAPER
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Jay Park and Gray though!!👌💦
uhmm I would like gray please you got me at ( giving, or receiving) I like the same of that lol
lol @yaya12 ikr