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The lower scoop on it I need that.
@pirpiupenguin Well it's all about what you prioritize spending on! Everyone spends money on their own hobbies and fashion is no different!
I love his glasses and his jacket so much <3 I actually got new glasses a few days ago and while I was searching, I also tried on round ones <3 I found a perfect pair that suited me so well, I was going to buy them despite the fact they were crazy expensive... but then reality dealt me a blow, struck me down and forced me to realise the fact, that I do not have the financial ressources to buy them (they were actually looking quite similar to the ones this fine gentleman is wearing, mine were from Prada and around 400 bucks... glasses and sunglasses combined, the sunglass part was optional, you could easily take it off and put it on again). Ah, my heart is crying, crying for those glasses... I did find a suitable substitute though.
@aero2042 for sure! But it's a lot about confidence and if you think you look crappy you're probably going to give off that vibe before anyone even sees you.
I think some people have looks that enable them to wear clothes that would otherwise look awkward on most people. I admire those who can pull off any look.