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Ok so now that school is finally over and homework and finals aren't an issue....*looks intensley at the pile of papers that must be recycled* ( ●`3●`) Let's please discuss EXO's comeback because they look AMAZINGG
They're monsters for just being this godly attractive JUST LOOK AT CHEN β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
For some reason I think of a kid who would want to play pokemon with you on the playground when I look at D.O or Sehun, to which I would gladly accept cause they look so adorable!!! Arfhhh * dies from fangirling * β™‘β™‘
To those of you who haven't heard their new songs, YOU MUST LISTEN CAUSE IT'S ADDICTING Lucky One's beat is so funky and smooth that I fell in love with their voices even more, especially Suho's ( D.O and Sehun are still my favs β™‘ ) Monster is just a drug to my ears β™‘ Reminds me a bit of Wolf but that's just the way Sehun looks killed me physically and spiritually β™‘β™‘β™‘
A moment of silence for those who left EXO but are still doing fine..... *cries in corner for Tao* Alright! so that concludes this little episode of Thoughts on Comebacks β˜†β˜†β˜† Stay KPoping!
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aweee yes yes 'stay kpopping' haha this was amazing πŸ˜‰