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I'm looking for some kpop merchandise websites so I can buy some birthday presents. If you have any websites that you trust and frequent to, besides amazon, then please tell me!
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And to add on to that: I really liked that they email you a picture of your order before they ship it, as well as an estimated time of arrival depending on where you live.
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its not a kpop merch website but redbubble.com has a lot of really awesome kpop stuff there (stickers, tshirts, etc.) gmarket.com is a great place for cds aliexpress.com for kpop appareal thats all i can think of now, but i keep a bookmark on my computer. if u want more, lemme know馃槈
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@minimanim3 I would like my options open so please do list them lol @drummergirl691 thank you I'm checking it out now!
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google xoxococo. its a chinese website that sells a LOT of kpop everything. allkpoper.com kpopplus.com (another one if u need cds) kpopheaven.com starberrykoko.com (kpop/kdrama/korean fashion) yesasia.com (another cd shop lol) thats about it but ill find more
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@minimanim3 Thank you
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