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Who Here Has A Unique Name?
We all know that if your name isn't Mary or Jim, chances are it's going to be spelled wrong on your Starbucks order.

But what else happens when your name is difficult for other people to pronounce, spell, etc?

My name is Danielle. Just Danielle. And you wouldn't believe how many times that's either written horribly wrong or people assume I'm a Daniel. What.
My name is always misspelled, and forget about ever finding one of those generic monogram keychains. bracelets, necklaces. etc. with my name...never in life.
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My name is Crea but everyone usually call me cree or one called me crayola
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@FalseLove My name is Nyomi. My extended family thought my name was Naomi until last year so now all of my birthday cards come with an "a" scratched out and turned into a "y"
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this is my life. at least once every day. these people have been with me every day for four weeks and two days and even the ones I'm closest to still mispronounce my name. I'm most surprised at the variety of spellings my long time friends have for my name... people who I've known for years... sigh
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My name is Katianna. You wouldn't believe people pronounce it wrong. Even teachers and employers say it wrong after I've told them the pronunciation.
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