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Who Here Has A Unique Name?
We all know that if your name isn't Mary or Jim, chances are it's going to be spelled wrong on your Starbucks order.

But what else happens when your name is difficult for other people to pronounce, spell, etc?

My name is Danielle. Just Danielle. And you wouldn't believe how many times that's either written horribly wrong or people assume I'm a Daniel. What.
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@danidee It belonged to my great grandmother, that's about all
a year ago·Reply
@TonyTonyChopper It's pretty! Plus I like that it starts with an i. It's an unusual letter to start with! :)
a year ago·Reply
@danidee Really? I thought they all started like that
a year ago·Reply
@TonyTonyChopper OH I mean generally speaking lol. Starting a name with I is only in a few names.
a year ago·Reply
my name is hafidh and i have to deal with people misspelling my name every single time
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