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Hello Vinglers and Fairy Tail lovers! My friend @Boinx made an awesome new FT chat and was hoping to see and have some people join!


1. Any Ships 2. No switching characters 3. Swearing is allowed but not over excessive swearing 4. Please ask before adding someone in 5. Magic is the same as the anime to keep characters from becoming OP. 6. Keep drama out of the chat and in pm only. 7. No talking about people behind their backs 8. More roleplay then chit chat 9. Kids of ships will have their magic decided by their parents and must be a magic either parent uses 10. Have fun!! Any issues please talk to an admin :)
Characters that are taken are... Mavis Mirajane Jellal Everyone else is fair game! If you would like to join! Kik me Aime_Bolanos and id be happy to tell my friend @Boinx you are interested in joining xD
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Just invite me
how many people are in chat
@AimeBolanos who's taken