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Ello Everyone! Here is chapter 4!


Link---> *Note* This will be a Fanfic for Mature Readers so read at your own risk!

Ravi X Reader Mature Content Foul Language

As I was making my rounds helping out the customers, I felt a presence of someone looking at me. I tried to not pay much attention to it but I couldn't help but look to see who it was....though I had pretty much an idea on who it was. 'Don't look, Don't look Y/N. Keep working and don't look back' I thought to myself I looked... It was a mistake but I was right. Ravi was looking at me while I was working. Even though I was looking back at him, he still had his gaze on me. 'Ohmygod, stop looking at me, stop looking at me....' 'Keep looking at me, keep looking at me'. I shook my head getting rid of that thought. But why isn't he working? Why is he looking at me? He ended up noticing that I was staring at him so he right away looked away with his cheeks burning red. I smiled at how cute he looked blushing... OH MY GOD HE BLUSHED? A player doesn't blush though.. *****


"SHIT..." I muttered to myself She saw me looking at her. What do I do?!? I ended up just turning back to work. Hopefully she didn't notice my cheeks getting red. Ever since our encounter earlier this day, I couldn't help but think of her. I know it's crazy to say that since I barely met her but I can't help but smile every time I see her. I just want to be close to her and protect her all the time. I went back to checking on all the other cooks to make sure things we're going right. It was, so I went back to my spot. It was hard to concentrate on my work because I kept taking peeks over at Y/N. Hopefully this time, I don't get caught. I saw her turn around so I smiled and waved but she only half smiled and didn't wave back. My smile soon went away. 'Why didn't she smile and wave back...Did I do something wrong?' All day, I've been trying to get her attention but ever since I waved at her, she hasn't turned around my way anymore. This was upsetting me...I need to know why she's being like this. It was already going to be 3pm and I knew what that meant, she was gonna be leaving. I had to think of something quick before she leaves. I need to know what's going on...


It was already 3pm. I saw Y/N cleaning up the last table and headed to the back to get her things. This was my chance. I went up to the cook that I always put in charge when I wasn't around and told him to keep an eye on it until I get back. He nodded so I left and started walking quickly before Y/N left the room.


It was finally time for me to go home. Thank God! This will give me time to go shopping for clothing and food. I finished cleaning the last table and started to walk back to get my stuff and go home. "Bye Y/N see you tomorrow!" Yoona and Amber say at the same time "Bye girls but today was the only day I'll be working the morning shift. Tomorrow I'll be in the Afternoon" I reply back "Aww no! This is gonna suck...Maybe we can talk to the manager and see if he can change us to the Afternoon shift!" Amber says "Oh my God that would be great! That way I'll at least know someone during the afternoon shift!" I reply We both gave our goodbye hugs again and they both left. I was exhausted so I sat down for a bit after they left. A few minutes later, I went to grab my things and started heading to the door when all of a sudden it opened up. There stood Ravi. Looking back at me. "E-Excuse me but I must be going" I say trying to get through. I wasn't able to since he blocked the way out. "R-Ravi, I need to get through, can you please move?" No answer. All he did was kept staring at me. After a few minutes he then spoke up. "I was hoping to get you alone Y/N" He says closing the door and moving towards me "W-what?" I respond back going backwards "I've been watching you all day today and been waiting for the shift to be over to come see you" He says closing in on me Great, theirs a wall behind me. I'm screwed. He's gonna get me cornered... "F-For what?" I respond as he cornered me on the wall. He was now inches from me. His body closing in. I started to feel a rush I've never felt before. It made me want to grab him and place his lips on min- OH MY GOD STOP! My thoughts cutting me off all of a sudden. "To be close to you, To talk to you, To touch you" He says looking at my lips getting close I could feel his hot breathe "R-Ravi stop" I reply seeing a smirk creeping up on his face His body was now pressed onto mine. Dear lord did it feel so good. Both of his hands we're placed on the wall by my head trapping me. "I make you nervous Y/N? Don't I" He says getting close to my face. I needed to get out of this situation quick or it will turn out bad. Part of me wanted this to last longer but I couldn't help but think of what Yoona and Amber had told me about him. I placed both hands on his chest to push him back but got weak all of a sudden just feeling how strong his chest was. My God, this boy has ABS. I thought to myself trying not melt. My insides we're now fuming with fire, I felt I was going to explode. I tried not to make it so obvious that I enjoyed placing my hands on his chest but I felt like he noticed because his smirk became bigger. "Like what your feeling there Y/N? You can take a peak if you want. I'll give you permission to lift up my shirt and see for yourself " He says so seductively in my ear I think I just got pregnant. Oh my God, he is a flirt. I tried pushing him off of me but then he placed one of his legs in between my legs. I let out a gasp which I feel may have turned him on. He slowly let down one of his hands and started to touch me from my shoulder traveling down to my arm, down to my waist, down to the side of my thigh. I let out another gasp which made his body get even closer to mine if that's even possible. His hand then travelled in between our bodies going from the zipper of my pants and down to my front pelvis. He started rubbing small circles which lead me to close my eyes out of pleasure and letting out a moan. "You like that Y/N?" He says with a husky voice on my ear This felt so good but was so wrong at the same time. "Mmhmmmm ahh" I respond tilting my head back in pleasure I was wearing leggings so I could feel the movements he was doing with his finger. He continued to rub small circles while I started to grind up and down the wall from the movement he was doing with his finger. He then started kissing my neck which felt even more good. Those soft lips on my neck was driving me more insane and turned on. He kept whispering dirty things in my ear whilst continuing to rub. It was driving me crazy! I was craving his lips on mine so bad. All I saw was him licking his lips while staring at mine. This was it...the moment I've been wanting to happen... He started getting close to my face. His finger still rubbing and me grinding my hips along... We we're now centimeters away from each others lips...he got closer and closer... I kept hearing strange noises in the back of my head... "Y/N! Y/N!" Was all I could heard I could feel his hot breath now. He's gonna kiss me, he's gonna kiss me! I thought with excitement I felt a slight shiver all of a sudden. I started feeling dizzy. Idk what happene- "Y/N!!!!" I suddenly opened my eyes to a scared Ravi looking down at me. He was kneeling down with his arms on each side of my shoulders. "W-What happened?" I managed to speak out breathing heavily. I was panting so hard, I could see the worry in Ravi's eyes. "You we're panting hard Y/N, and arching your back. I thought you we're having some type of bad dream, a seizure or something. I kept shaking and calling your name out to try to wake you up but you wouldn't. I was getting worried" He said looking at me. My eyes widened opened at what he just said. Then it hit me... I was dreaming..the whole time.

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bless this chapter, holy crap she was dreaming 😂😂😂
omg that was so dirty. how could you do that to me OMG. It was a dream!!!!!! IDK whether to run around my house screaming or to flip a table. BTW her 'I think I just got pregnant' comment had me on the floor. Lmfao This was an amazing chapter!
Pure comedy " I think I just got pregnant " every fan girls favorite quote 😁😂😂
Lol the ending was funny though 😂😂 loved it!!!♡♡
@JessWang90 well you did good! You were just missing " my ovaries exploded " 😂😂😂😂
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