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These Are People's Top Fears About Sex

I stumbled upon some interesting infographs today and wanted to share.

While sex is meant to be a private thing, I think talking about fears and insecurities in a public setting can help improve our entire sex culture.
For example, one infographic below says women are scared of their partners not taking no for an answer. We should work with young men and women and teach them that no is TOTALLY an answer.

Top Sex Fears

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being most fear)

6.9 Your partner has an STI
6.0 The condom with break
5.5 Your partner thinks your body is unattractive
5.3 Your partner won't be satisfied
4.8 You're bad at sex
4.4 It will be awkward AFTER sex
4.3 Embarrassing bodily functions!
4.0 Your body hair is a turn off

Men Fear:

Sexually transmitted diseases
Partner won't be satisfied
You won't be able to perform
Penis size
It will be awkward after sex

Women Fear:

Partner won't wear condom
Sexually transmitted diseases
Unexpected pregnancy
Embarrassing bodily functions!
Partner won't take 'no' for an answer

Body Insecurities

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being most fear)

Both Genders:
4.0 Body Hair
4.1 Penis too small
2.9 Penis too big
3.7 Breasts too small
3.0 Breasts too big

The more you know!

One quick way to get rid of the STI fear is to be open about getting tested and what your history is. Tell your partner straight up that you have been tested and are STI free. (Of course, only tell them that if its the TRUTH)
I'm insecure about all these things, but not worried about it because I have no interest in.... being involved with that. 😒
lol @ the "penis too big" thing
being upfront and talking about your problems or fears is the best thing to do.
Everyone has insecurities, which means that everyone SHOULD be understanding of the opposite partner and just put it all behind them and have a special time together, they're not making love with your insecurities. :)
To each their own, and insecurities aren't too bad at all. In a lot of cases they are helpful to an individual. A main thing about sex is just being open with your partner and discuss any insecurities you may have. If you really are in a loving relationship, most people will be understandable and work it through. The more you know, the better 👍. As for me, the only thing I'm worried about are STI's and an unplanned baby.
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