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This is to all those fans who choose to go the extra mile to express their love for their group(s).

Don't take the "mediocre" part too seriously. It's the thought that counts. I found this post a while back and it reminded me of when I gave up making fanart for BTS because to me, it just looked so crappy. My hands and eyes weren't cooperating and it was getting on my nerves. But I decided to try other things, take a different path. Eventually, I felt better (:

My Fanart

• I made a Jimin hip hop monster bookmark ^^ • Jimin's hip hop monster in Young Forever concept clothes~ if I could make a doll of it, I would lol • Do you see my failed attempt at drawing V?? *cries* he looks like an old man thanks to my erasing so much ><


I've been feeling lazy lately but I did learn some dances to BTS (even if it's just a tiny part) a while back. Full: Dope Chorus: I NEED U, RUN, Tomorrow, FIRE, Boy In Luv Bridge: FIRE, I NEED U Verse: FIRE, Baepsae Intro: I NEED U, Baepsae Bits: Tricky cover, SAVE ME, We Are Bulletproof pt.2

Song Covers

None are posted because they're for my pleasure only! x3 • Suga's rap in Tomorrow • humming/babbling random words to basically ALL of their songs whenever • That XX (GD) + Hold Me Tight (BTS) mashup

If I didn't feel confident somewhere, I just took a different path.


Like WOW. These made me so happy (being into drawing and all~♡) *these aren't by me btw I was inspired to try and draw myself (: It suprisingly looks more legit than any past drawings of myself:
Can't see myself with any of them though ;^; My point is, Don't give up, guys. There's always a way to express your love be it with arts or simply by listening to their music every now and then. To all those trying: fighting!☘☘☘

Also, thank you for the 100k+ views/50+ followers!! :D

I made my 100th card a while ago and didn't even realize it. Love you guys, always~♡♡♡
@AnbuRose @taetaebaozi @xxMollxx @JamiMilsap @TerraToyaSi you guys are too nice 😂😘💕 you can do it!! 🙂
How are you allowed to exist with that much talent? ♡
@minimanim3 @JackieG1617 thanks, you guys ^^ Just keep trucking ♡
@Badtz sadly i really cant draw 😞 its horrible my drawing isnt even close to what you can do *sigh
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