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This headline (which ACTUALLY HAPPENED last summer) reminds me of that television series '1000 Ways To Die'. For those of you who haven't heard of it, each episode is dedicated to sharing true accounts of really bizarre ways people have died before.
I didn't watch it all too often, but I know it sparked a lot of conversation between me and my sister and our ideas of what would be pretty badass ways to die.
Personally, I'd be down to die from being hunted by a tribe of Borneon pygmy cannibals, who would then probably cook me into a delicious recipe like Danidee kabobs or Danidee pizza or some sort of Danidee stir-fry with a colorful mix of seasonal vegetables.

What do you think would be badass ways to die? Is wrestling the alligator you just cussed out somewhere on that list?

I all ways I thought I would die from trying to do something from an anime
I thought about the heroic death, going into a burning building and saving lives before the inferno takes me or getting shot/stabbed but getting up anime style and clobbeeing the shit out of the bad guy before blacking out fever
Wait... Is this guy dumb or did he just have a Grudge on that alligator
@atmi wait they stopped being cannibal?? I need a back-up plan...
Dude I love that show!! And that man is my hero! Lol
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