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I don't know if anyone feel the same way but Summer motivates me to be more creative. Maybe it's the weather or maybe because every one is doing something, and I want to do something. Things I have to do: 1. Clean my medicine cabinet. I have some beauty products that are sitting in there for more than a year and I need to toss them out.
2. Try making a hairband.

Braided Style

I saw this tutorial on Youtube and thought it was easy. I also have a lot of old jersey tees in my drawers. So, why not? Take a crazy chance! The no-sew actually won me over.

Turban Style

Here's another method to make a t-shirt hairband. The turban knot is always cute.
That's it for today! If you end up trying any of these, please tag me! I'd love to see your work.
wow~~awsome ideas~~~^^ I like them all~~♡
These are so fun & easy!!! I wanna try, too~