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For those of you that don't know apples are also a symbol for sin as well as knowledge so I don't name this card lightly. To say the thought hit me like a train would be an understatement! Now I don't have much to say about the picture itself except that it's not my favorite because of the strange artwork but it's also the reason I posted it because it's very different and not the kind of thing I normally put out (When I actually do post things 馃槄) So if you like this unique little picture why don't you give that like heart a tap! And I will see you in the next card!
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@Panthora yeah know I'm going to be questioning a lot of stuff that's in Death Note
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@ClaudeFaustas I actually plan on watching it again soon. I hope I can get through it without internally dying 馃槶
a year agoReply
@Panthora I know if I watch it again I'll break my tv
a year agoReply
@ClaudeFaustas Why will you break your tv? 馃槀
a year agoReply
@Panthora when light dies I'll break my tv
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