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Que tal peeps!

You all have asked for more so I am sharing more.


Everyone how ur bias would be like in the bedroom? I know I have and it's interesting to see what other ARMYS come up with. Below are some ideas that a fellow ARMY peep came up with. These are not my ideas. Source


Namjoon would be like Suga, super dominant, however I think that he would never actually give you control. (Except for maybe like on your birthday or something.) He might let you THINK you were the one calling the shots, but he is a smart cookie and is most definitely the one with the power in bed. He would definitely be the kind of dominant that focuses on pleasing his partner first, and no matter how good you are he would always act like he was better. He would probably switch between sensual and rough, depending on how desperate you both were and how long it’s been since you last had sex. Unlike Suga, he wouldn’t really tease you a whole lot because he doesn’t have the patience for it, but he would probably give you multiple orgasms with his fingers and tongue before satisfying his own need.


Most people would agree that Min Yoongi seems like a dominant, rough guy in bed, and while I agree with that, I think that on occasions his super lazy side will come out and he’ll just let you have total control. He would definitely be dominant more than submissive, but would NEVER do anything you didn’t like, and if he found out he genuinely hurt you he would be so apologetic and would never do that again, and would probably be a lot more cautious. I can see him being really fast and rough during foreplay, getting you all wet and hot and bothered, but then immediately slowing down and teasing you until you are literally begging for him. When he feels you’re ready, it’ll be sudden, fast, and oh so satisfying.


Jin would be slow and sensual and treat you like a queen. He would be happiest giving you exactly what you want. He would probably be dominant in the actual actions, but he would let you tell him what to do and how to do it, at least until he figured everything out on his own, which wouldn’t take long. You are his empress, his goddess, he will do anything and everything to please you, focusing on you first and himself second. Jin seems like the kind of guy who spends more time on foreplay than the actual act itself. He would love to just kiss and caress and love you all over before actually doing the do. Sex would be slow or fast, depending on how you like it, however if you were to give him total control it would probably last for hours and leave you exhausted and breathless.


This guy would be either the best or worst (in the best way) thing to happen to you. He teases you so much and so often that you wouldn’t even bother begging because he wouldn’t get on with it until he was good and ready. He would bite and pinch you to make you groan, one of his personal favorite sounds and one he found all too satisfying, for what seems like an eternity before finally giving in to you, because let’s face it, he’s just as impatient. Hobi would love to eat you out. He would love to lick your legs and abdomen and nipples. He would just love doing ANYTHING with his tongue. He would also be an expert at the flick and the thrust, thanks to them dancing skills, and would make you shudder and moan so much when he finally wanted to quit playing games.


Jimin would be either one of two things (depending on his mood): the super cute, slow lover that you cuddle with for two hours after sex, or the ultimate sex machine that kept you guys going all night and loud enough to get complaints from the neighbors. When he’s the first, the actual sex itself would be short, while the foreplay and post-sex cuddling lasting forever. As Sex God Park Jimin, he would keep you screaming until he was good and ready to be done. Bashful Jimin would be all gentle kisses in bed and slow, methodical thrusts inside of you, meeting each of your moans with his lips. Pervy Jimin would drag you all over the house, and you would take turns being on top, maybe taking a quick break in the middle to melt some chocolate or something. Basically sexy Jimin and you would go completely fucking insane.


Can someone say puppy dog? If I said Hoseok was into some good tongue action, this bastard would make his tongue the best part about your sex. Not that he’s bad at the whole thrusting thing, but his main expertise would be anything oral. Sex with Taehyung would be playful and random, with you both bursting into laughter half the time rather than moans. He would know all of your ticklish spots and take complete advantage. No two times would be the same with him. You would always be trying something new, no matter how small. He seems to me like the kind of guy would would like to melt ice on your stomach and lick the water as it dripped down your skin. When his tongue wasn’t busy, he would be talking nonstop, mostly compliments because he fucking loves you so much.


Your first few times with Jungkook would be slow, romantic, slightly nervous. His inexperience might show, and he would always be asking you what you liked or if whatever he was doing felt good. After about the fifth or sixth time, he would know enough about what you liked or didn’t like to be completely dominant. He would probably be pretty quiet throughout the whole thing, mostly because he can’t keep his mouth off of your neck and your jaw. Sex with Kookie would probably be pretty vanilla, although once in a while adding a topping or two to add excitement, but only on your request. He would only really want to do things he knew how to do, because his confidence would make the entire experience a hundred times more pleasurable. It would never be boring, but it wouldn’t be as “kinky” as the other BTS members.
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his gif ia sexy af
i like Kookies lol
shame on me
@bnrenchilada girl i feel that. but like yoongi tho. Yoongi is daddy af. and jimin omg. I'd do both of them.
holy fuck balls Namjoon by far my fucking fave...but what can i expect hes Daddy af @KaitlynHewitt
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