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I used to love watching the segments on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood about how things are made, and this video just brought me back to that time!!!! I mean, when we use products like these all the time, but do we know how they get put together?

Let's look at it now!!

I knew that lipsticks are made out of solvents, pigments & waxes, but I had no idea really how the actual combination, melting & production of the lipsticks would happen. And this video gives you the basic rundown. It's fascinating to watch!
Now, I'm sure there's actually more to what goes in here & how cosmetics work (be careful about what you put on your body!!!!), but it's still really interesting.
Oh, and Colourpop is cruelty-free (and often vegan, depending on the product!) In case you were wondering :)
There are so many steps to make one tiny lipstick. I'm not gonna think about how they clean everything off those mold. So much work!
this is so amazing, love it thanks for sharing