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You know I have a weakness for food and any drama inspired with a food concept is a must-watch for me.

Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡一個人)

Starring: Puff Guo, Jasper Liu, Lene Lai, Jolin Chien

Love Cuisine (料理高校生)

Starring: Lego Li, Allison Lin Yu Xi, Duncan Lai, Nita Lei
By far one of the cutest one I've seen. The setting is at a culinary high school. Scroll to the right to see a teaser.

A Hint of You (美味的想念)

Starring: Michael Zhang, Nana Lee, Danson Tang, Demi Yin
Guest appearance: George Hu and Annie Chen

Fondant Garden (翻糖花園)

Starring: Park Jung Min, Jian Man Shu, Kingone Wang, and Lia Lee
All about CAKES!
I started Pleasantly Surprised awhile ago and this just reminds me that I have to finish it! I see George Hu plays in one of these, I might watch that one 💜
@biancadanica98 Life of a drama fanatic, we always have a drama to finish lol. Also, "A Hint of You" only guest featured George Hu. He comes out in one episode, don't be disappointed. hahah.