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Welcome to today's Funny Community game - Let's Agree To Disagree!

How To Play:

1. I will start the game by stating my opinion on something.
2. The first person who comments will tell me if they AGREE or DISAGREE, then they will share one of their own opinions.
3. The next person who comments will leave an AGREE or DISAGREE and their own opinion, and the chain begins!

Need an example? It will look like this:

Me: Orange juice with extra pulp is the best of all orange juices.
Person #1: AGREE! Justin Chatwin should have gotten an Oscar for the live-action DBZ movie.
Person #2: DISAGREE! Halloween is the best holiday.
Person #3: AGREE! -- And you guys get the idea...

Are we ready? OKAY!

My Opinion: 'Men In Black' is Will Smith's best movie.

First commenter, am I right or wrong?

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AGREE. I would eat them as a snack. Frozen wasn't THAT good of a Disney movie.
Agree... Batman is the greatest superhero of all times...
DISAGREE IF JUBILEE IS CONSIDERED A SUPERHERO No one should wake up earlier than 10 AM on Saturdays.
Agree on that note, no one should knock on your door before 10 am without prior notice
AGREE Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best breakfast cereal.