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Bii & Luhan: Doppelganger?

I always thought these two celebrities have similar features.

It might be the hair, smile and facial structure. None the less, the both of them are equally talented. Here are the similarities and difference from the two artist.

They both play the guitar.

They both have adorable smiles.

They both rock silver hair.

Luhan is active in China as a singer and actor for the big screen (movies).

List of movies: (2015) 20 Once Again, 12 Golden Ducks, The Witness. (2016) Time Raiders, The Great Wall

Bii is active in Taiwan as a songwriter/singer and actor for the small screen (dramas).

List of dramas:
(2010) Chong Wu Yen
(2013) Love Around
(2015) Someone Like You, Bromance

Below are sample of their singing style.

畢書盡 Bii - Love More

LuHan - Your Song