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Hey all! I'm here today to debunk a few beauty myths :D I'm not a scientist or anything, but these are three myths I've heard before that I am pretty certain are NOT true!

Myth #1: Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker.

A myth that's simply not true! So many people believe that shaving causes thicker/darker regrowth, and that's just not true! And people get soooo defensive about it. Think about it: do the males you know get darker & thicker beards after shaving each time...? Nope!
You might be wondering: then why does it FEEL that way?
It's because shaving cuts a blunt edge on your hair, so it feels thicker when it grows back. Hair is naturally tapered, so the blunt edge makes the new hair feel thicker in comparison. But the hair itself isn't any thicker! However, these blunt-ended hairs are more noticeable and may be felt more easily as stubble, so you might be forgiven for thinking the hair is growing back faster!
How should you shave any facial hair you want for makeup purposes?
Here's one person's suggestion: "I use a super tiny fine razor and go with the grain. And the slap on the Nivea Post Shave Balm because it is the shit. For me, it helped prevent acne because heyyy extra exfoliation. If your face is super sensitive, use shaving cream!"

Myth #2: You don't need moisturizer if you have oily skin.

False, false, fallllsee!!!!
Here's an example situation of how not using a moisturizer might actually be causing your skin to be MORE oily, not less!!!!
If you begin washing your face too often (or wash with something very harsh), this will dry out your skin. Then, if you don't use a moisturizer afterwards, many people's skins will compensate by overproducing oil. This is known as dehydrated skin, and it causes extra oil because your skin is trying to nourish itself!
Now, that's not why everyone has oily skin, but there are moisturizers made for every skin type. Oil means many different things, but it rarely ever means that you don't need to use a moisturizer! If you'e using cleansers that might take away moisture, you should be replacing those with the appropriate amount.
There are actually "mattifying" moisturizers made for oily skin, too!

Myth #3: You can open your pores with a bit of warm water & go from there to clean them out!

People tend to believe that you can "open" and "close" pores. Many people probably believe this because you can soften up whats IN your pores, and then will feel looser, and then tighter after cleansing that. But many people are under the impression that the pores are literally opening and closing, and that's misinformation!

What you’re doing when you steam your face is causing the blood vessels to dilate and the skin to swell slightly.

A warm washcloth on your face for a bit with a gentle cleanser or oil cleanser then regular cleanser to break out what you've just loosened up is, in my personal opinion, the best way to go about it. No hot water, steam, no scrubbing, to "open pores."
What's really happening is simply a short burst of your pores appearing to be smaller from a different temperature or product (alcohol based stuff can dilate pores). The myth that warm water will literally open your face up so you can wash everything out, then close it up with cold water, is not true!
Using both hot & cold water for various facial treatments is totally valid, but not for the reasons many people believe it to be :)

What beauty myths do you hate that people believe?

The myth I hate the most is pore can be minimize. It can't.
@cindystran Exactly!! I get WHY people think it happens but its just not true.
Facial hair growing back darker and thicker. Big Pet Peeve. This doesn't happen.