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Oh Rin . . . Fine as ever . . . I wish I could have found a matching picture of Haru as well so they could be side by side and look cool as hell! But alas . . . One of Haru was not found 馃槶 so just bask in the beauty of dearest Rin! Well that's enough of the dramatic for me! So if you have a small (yeah right 馃槀) crush on Rin as much as I do or are simply a fabulous passerby give that like heart a tap would you! And I will see you in the next card!
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no im out of breath ,from looking at him
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Need some water 馃槏馃槏馃槺馃槺
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@JewelHarmer I was not expecting such a smooth comment. I didn't know I invited tumblr to my card 馃槀
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@SymoneBelcher mmmmhmmm, YAS Tankyou fren
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