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The toner I was using previously was made for moisturizing skin and I'd had it for sooooo long so I ordered a new toner from the Korean brand Innis Free!

The toner is called "Green Persimmon Pore Toner"

Green persimmons apparently have a lot of tannin in them, which can give you a temporary feeling of tightened pores. More importantly to me, it controls the balance between oil and moisture for skin, which is what I need!

Now, I don't believe its claim to tighten pores...

(nothing can really do that permanently unless your skins overall health improves!)

but I do hope that it can control my excessive sebum!!

"Sebum" are those little white things on your nose that you might think are the start of black hearts or something like that. The only part of my face that really gets oily is where I have a lot of sebum!! This is especially bad for me in the summer, so I use a mattifying powder on those areas. But I figured adding a toner that also helps with this might do something good for me!
I'm also not sure if this company is really cruelty free (it's sooooo hard to find this info about Korean companies!) but they do claim this product is free of artificial color, artificial scent, animal ingredients and mineral oils, so I'm happy to try it. It's also free of ethanol, which is great!

Overall, I don't expect this product to be a wonder product.

I just think it'll work as a normal toner & maybe help me stay a little less oily this summer. Rather than getting a really specialized toner, I just wanted to get something that will help me keep my skins texture & pH regularized as much as possible since I have combo skin and doing anything more might dry out my other skin.
(that's just a picture of my face after toning, lol!)
Tagging some friends, too!!
@Animaniafreak good point!!! i did notice that my skin is softer after just 3 or 4 uses, but i hadn't been using my other toner so i'm not sure if its this one, or if its just that i'm taking more care of it lol
Probably after a week or so of continuous use, you'll be able to tell if it works as it claims. I'm using darphin's toner (the one with banana tree flower), it's ok so far but I haven't seen anything that's outstanding, next time I'll just stick to drug store toners.