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Tegoshi Yuya was the person who dragged me into Jpop, which lead to Kpop, which lead to the mess of a person I am now.

He will always be my favorite voice in Jpop ever, and is still such a great person. I would probably freak out more while meeting HIM than any of my biases...

That's right, before Kpop, before Hakyeon, this was the special human in my life.

Tegoshi is a member of the Johnny's Entertainment group NEWS and stole my heart from day one.

I knew nothing about Jpop but seeing one glimpse of him drew me into this insane world.

News - Hoshi Wo Mezashite

He also was in a sub group called Tegomasu which was him and Masu :) Please enjoy his stunning voice and give them lots of love~

He's also a great actor but that deserves a whole 'nother card!

Teogmasu - Kaerimichi No Love Song

Tegoshi - Ai Nante


How many Kpop fans are Jpop fans too?!

Let me know if you'd like to be tagged in any Jpop cards :D

I prefer J-Rock. I have liked One Ok Rock, SID, and a handful of others since before I got into K-Pop. I could not really get into J-Pop outside of the realm of anime openings.
Me! Mainly The Gazette. I also listen to Baby Metal. It a group of girls who sing J-Metal
I love Gackt Hyde Buck Tick the Gazette Daigo please tag me in Jpop and Jrock
before kpop I used to listen to a Jrock/metal band called SID and I still Do!!
i looooove Kalafina and TM Revolution
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