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Ok so this just happened... Keith Ape and Okasian
so my brother got a job at a Korean grocery store in our neighborhood and he sends me a text saying Keith Ape and Okasian are shopping in there. I didn't believe him so he sent me this and says see?... I hate him now. I hope he gets to take better pics of or with them though
UPDATE.... he sent more pics to prove it
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I am so jealous right now >_<
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@Kamiamon I feel the same way with famous people. I'm really bad at remembering the faces of a lot of the music I listen to, so usually if I 'spot' someone, it's my friend being like "Omg! It's so-and-so!" @jemitza Your brother must be a HUGE KHip-Hop fan!
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@danidee he is! I got him into kpop and then I discovered khip hop and he loved that as well. We're both huge fans of Big Bang and we recently went to the AOMG concert in LA. I went to the Seattle one too and went to the after party and got to party with AOMG. It was the best day ever! lol
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I'm jealous of your brother
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that lucky brother haha
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