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Name 25 different anime shows without using Fairy tail, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Tokyo ghoul, Black butler, Sword Art Online, Full Metal Alchemist or Parasyte.
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1. Reborn 2. Kill la Kill 3. Akame Ga Kill 4. Brynhildr in the Darkness 4. Assassination Classroom 5. My Hero Academia 6. Blue Exorcist 7. Soul Eater 8. Inyuisha 9. Yugioh 10. Hunter X Hunter 11. Deadman Wonderland 12. Seven Deadly Sins 13. Ajin 14. Death Note 15. Noragami 16. Attack on Titan 17. Pokemon 18. DBZ 19. Durarara 20. Gintama 21. RWBY 22. No Game No Life 23. Your Lie in April 24. Gurren Laggan 25. One Punch Man
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Damn I put 2 number 4s lol
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I've seen 16 of those shows so 17.Magi 18.Rosario+Vampire 19.Shimoneta 20.Digimon 21.Gundam Build Fighters/Try 22.Fate Stay Night 23.Kenichi the strongest Desciple 24. Kaze no Stigma 25.Asu no Yoichi and 26.My teen romantic comedy snafu cuz why not xD
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@KurosakiJess ive seen everyone of those
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freezing my hero academia big order luck and logic log horizon chrono crusade d.gray man deadman wonderland highschool dxd highschool of the dead nisekoi toradora spice and wolf witchblade eureka seven arcana famiglia black bullet black blood brothers brave 10 Terrafoemers zettai karen children girls bravo sora no otoshimono my bride is a mermaid princess jellyfish corpse party gai rei zero im sure i went over 25....
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