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The other day, I posted a basic card about how Colourpop's lippies are made, and there was also one made about their eyeshadows that you can watch above :)
I thought that video was pretty vague when it came to explaining what the pigments are though or showing how parts of the process might be automated, so I found this video by 'How It's Made' as well!
Now, whatever brand is being produced in this "how its made" video is clearly not the most high quality (look at that fallout!) and you might wonder what makes every eyeshadow different?
The secret is in the binders & ratios!
Having the right binders and the right binder to pigment ratio is crucial to make a great eyeshadow. You can look at the ingredients of your favorite eyeshadows, and then compare it to new eyeshadows you're considering! That's obviously just the really simplified version, but it's a good place to start if you wanna learn more about makeup & it's ingredients!
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Watching this reminds me of science class in high school. We used to watch this type of short clip before doing chemicals. I feel like I heard of this guy's voice in another video before. lol Anyways, now I know what makes eyeshadow shimmer. Mica. Not that I'm against it but I really don't like eyeshadow with too much shimmer. It's hard to find eyeshadow that are matte.