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So well I had two things to say about this. One: Hisoka is the sexiest beast in the whole damn show and is in my top five favorite anime characters of all time. Also because he's bat shit crazy and is a pervert with some SERIOUS issues . . . Why do I always have a thing for the bad guys . . . Two: The anime he is from is seriously a must watch! Like I'm serious I can't figure out if I like this show more then I like Naruto it's just THAT damn good! Either way I recommend Hunter X Hunter whole heartedly! Well if your an awesome Hunter X Hunter fan like myself or simply a passerby that likes what they see XD give that like heart at tap! And I will see you in the next card!
Hisoka everyone's favorite pedophile
I loved Hisoka, he really was sexy. Best bad character! Literally only second to Killua for me 馃槏
God dammit. I love Hisoka. My top fave character in Hunter... So much so... I have a freaking tattoo of him. 馃槏馃槏 I love his badass ness and perverted ness so much....
OMG I love it! Dude I'm totally going to get a tattoo of him to but there's a different shot of him that I like better@KurosakiJess
There should be a pic of it in my tattoo collection on here! @Panthora
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