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This clip definitely reminds me of when I tried rolling around the second floor of our house in my computer chair versus actually getting up. I accidentally knocked my chair over and put a hole in the wall just outside my bedroom. Whoops.

Have you ever accidentally broken something in or around the house? What happened? Did your family ever fix it?

For the record, that aforementioned hole I put in our wall is DEFINITELY still there...
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@YumiMiyazaki KEEP KEEPIN' ON. I still can't do a cartwheel...
a year ago·Reply
@anitadutoit Wow, what kind of cakes?
a year ago·Reply
wedding cakes, birthday cakes... violin, bible, barbie & spiderman... she was really good
a year ago·Reply
@anitadutoit That sounds fun! I always thought it would be really cool to be a cake maker.
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