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Here's part two.

Youngjae would convince himself he was fine with staying the way things are now. Though the truth of the matter was the exact opposite. He wanted to hold you when you came over to the dorm, he wanted to wrap his arm around your shoulder and pull you closer when you both were watching a movie. He wanted to split an ice cream sundae with you, drink the same milkshake with you, eat from the same cotton candy stick. He even wanted to buy you couples clothes. He wanted to do your make up and you do his, just like he's seen on the internet. He wanted to do so much more with you than just meet up twice a week and eat from individual cones, or text each other when he had the chance.

He wanted to be the one you called late at night when you couldn't sleep, and he would answer and just listen to your ramblings. He wanted you to send him cute and goofy selfies whenever he felt sad, or give him a "friendly" reminder that he left his shirt at your house. But most importantly, Youngjae wanted to hear your voice every second. Whether it was a cute little video on snapchat, or a phone call, he wouldn't ignore your phone call. Any and every chance he got to hear your voice was like a personal blessing to him. Youngjae holds you dear, he would be sure to tell you everyday.

Yet deep down he kept telling himself that he would lose you. If you rejected his feelings he would die. Not literally, but you would notice that his smile was a little dimmer, there wouldn't be a cute little glint in his eye whenever he smiled or showed excitement. In short, he was truly scared and with each negative thought, his heart was near collapsing, Youngjae didn't want to lose you but he didn't want to be a friend any longer. He had to come up with a way to win your heart.

Being lost in his own thoughts, Youngjae didn't even notice your questioning gaze as you waved your hand in front of his face, gaining his attention. Your sweet caramel soap scent wafting his nose is what broke him free from his negative mind. Youngjae breathed the scent in, his mind growing fuzzy and blank as a goof smile filled his face. He could get used to this smell everyday.

"Youngjae? Are you ok? You've been staring at me for the past ten minutes." God your voice was better than any symphony he's heard. It was like a silk blanket he would gladly tangle himself in.

"Uh... Yeah?" He had completely forgotten you had asked him something. He just cracked his cute smile and nodded,

"Just thinking."

"Abooooout?" you persisted, your hands folded neatly on the table.

"Stuff." Youngjae just shrugged as he finished the last of his bite.

"Like what?" You asked as you also finished your bite. Though Youngjae didn't answer as he just watched you again. You propped your head up on your folded hands, your elbows resting on the table as you gazed back.

"Like how I'm deeply in love with you." Youngjae muttered, his head tilting down, his eyes glancing away from yours. Your face quickly heated as you took a moment to replay the sentence in your head. 'Like how I'm deeply in love with you.' Holy shit Youngjae loved you.

"I know this isn't the most romantic spot, but every time we come here, sit in these seats, eat away at our ice cream, and make pleasant conversation, I can't help but think about you romantically." Youngjae confessed. Each word that spilled from his mouth made your body tense, your heart hammering in your chest. Your breath was literally stolen from you as you watched the nervous Youngjae continue his confession,

"Everyday I think about you. Every night I can't sleep because you're on my mind. Whenever I text you I wonder if I bother you. I wonder if I ever make your life a bit brighter. I wonder what your doing as you text me back. I wonder if I had expressed my feelings sooner if you would accept them. I wonder if I would ever be able to place my arm around you and pull you close to me. I wonder... If you would ever love me like I love you." Your eyes watered to the point where they stung. Your heart ached from his confession. You had always wanted him in more ways than one. You had truly loved this boy from day one when you were introduced to the whole group by Jinyoung. You've never seen a boy with such a bright smile. It took you by surprise honestly. He was always on your mind after that. He was always the first thing you saw, because you instantly put him as your phone wallpaper, and thought of him when you woke up.

He loved you like you loved him and you were truly greatful. Soon your tears rolled onto your cheeks, making Youngjae panic and quickly place his thumbs under your eyes to wipe them away. Your hand gently grabbed onto his, stopping his actions as he looked into your eyes full of tears and happiness,

"I thought you would never love me like I loved you. I was so worried. I didn't want to mess up our friendship."

"Neither did I. Y/N I truly love you, if I didn't have you in my life I don't know how I could live. You mean everything to me."

"Youngjae." You placed your finger on his lips, smiling and trying to hold a giggle.

"Yes?" He responded quickly once you removed your finger.

"Shut up and kiss me." Youngjae laughed happily as he complied, leaning over the table towards your lips. He gently pulled you closer, well as much as he could with a table in the way, and slowly takes his hand in your hair. This was the perfect day. These ice cream date would defiantly be special now, and not because he would have you all to himself as a friend, but because he would have you all to himself as his new girlfriend.

(I hope this wasn't crappy but omg Youngjae is gunna be my bias if he keeps this cute shit up. I honestly can't with him.)
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