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Every one is pointing out how chanyeol is going bald and getting a tummyy but all i see are derp faces cx
who cares if he is getting chubby that means he is eating and not starving himself like some idols also if he is going bald he will still be the same as he was with hair maybe he does need rest or maybe its genetic who cares lets just show him and all of EXO some love and support and hopefully they will get the rest they deserve
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My first thought was how nice squishy bellies are to lay your head on and my second thought was "oh god what had BaekYeol been up to?"
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chubby??? I'm sorry. BUT if that's called chubs then sign me up. give me a break! to me they all look like like they need to gain some pounds. so if he's packed on some then that's fine with me.
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My mom and I noticed he was looking too thin on one of their last broadcasts.
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I don't see the baldness!!! So he's got some weight he's still hot!!! Still my bias wrecker!!'
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