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5 Tips to Buying Abrasive Blast Cabinet​

With many different types of blasting cabinets available in the market, choosing one that is perfect for your needs can be confusing. Thus, it is very important to understand your requirements, features of blasting cabinets, etc. to make sure that your investment provides you with the best value for your money. The below-mentioned tips will allow you to make the buying process simpler by targeting 5 of the most important aspects of sandblasting cabinets.
1.Wet or Dry
Sandblasting Cabinets are broadly divided into two different categories- wet and dry. While dry blast is usually used for most of the applications, a wet cabinet is recommended if you need to sandblast delicate objects. While dry cabinets are known for their ability to generate frictional heat and their compatibility with larger blasting guns, wet cabinets do not generate any frictional heat and is thus, recommended for delicate objects.
2.Sandblasting Media
Sandblasting media are available in many different forms, like steel grit, steel shot, aluminium oxide, plastic beads, etc. All the different media’s have their own benefits and drawbacks, especially with reference to their cleaning strengths, cleaning speeds and ability to alter profile. The media with heavy bodies, like aluminium oxide, cannot be propelled accurately through suction. Also, they will need a sandblasting cabinet with lining to prevent premature wear.
3.Delivery of Media
Apart from the different types of media, the methods to deliver them inside shot blast cabinet are also different. Air pressure from pressure-fed sandblasting cabinets, suction based delivery and creating a slurry by mixing water and media are some of the most commonly used methods. While suction delivery is cheaper as compared to many others, pressure delivery is faster.
4.Object Movement
If you need to sandblast large objects, it is also very important to consider how you will load and move the object within the cabinet. It is usually recommended that you should purchase a cabinet that is a few feet larger than the object on each side to ensure that you can easily move the object in the cabinet.
Reputable cabinet suppliers also offer laboratory services in which they will take the object that you need to sandblast and will run it through multiple pressure levels with different types of media to ensure that you are able to reach to your preferred surface profile.
These are some of the most important factors that you should consider while purchasing a sandblasting cabinet to ensure that the cabinet you purchase is actually able to support all your production requirements.