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After owning both a Subaru WRX and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX here is my perception of both cars. Drive Quality: The WRX was definitely a louder ride than the Evo. Furthermore, the interior quality felt like something was missing. However, when you started the car, it was a different story. The deep growl of the boxer engine quickly became contagious to my ears, and I soon fell in love with driving the car from Day 1. The car was responsive and quick in the corners and for it's size it felt lightweight. In addition, the clutch was very easy to get used to, it was extremely light and soft. The clutch wasn't to the point where it was too light, like a civic but it was just enough to give the car a very casual and relaxing driving feel when you were driving around in it. Everything was great for the Subaru except for the tuning and maintenance of the car. I noticed that a lot of owners were having either a valve cover leak or blown turbos around 60k. Compared to the Evo, my subie seemed to require a lot more maintenance in general. On the other hand, my evo did get the dreaded T-Case problem and that was a pain to get it fixed at the time. As far as tuning options went, I felt very limited on the stock WRX motor. Cams, Exhaust, headers, Intake, IC Piping, Boost Controller (Basically stage 2 cobb mods) were not only costly but were more time consuming to install compared to the Evo. Also the numbers it put down were not the same compared to the amount of money I was investing. My goals were 400 and without spending 5-10k I didn't think it was possible for the WRX. Whereas the Evo IX did this on a stock motor, stock turbo, bolt-ons and a good tune. Tuning wise, the Evo definitely won in this category. Lastly, as far as driving wise the Evo was a great car. A Solid feel to it, quiet and mannered yet you could still feel that it was quick. I also loved the two-step option from the factory. It was really fun to play with from a stop and made it easy to get a perfect launch. If you were wondering as to why I actually moved from a Subaru to an Evo it wasn't because I hated my subie, I actually loved it. But someone gave me an offer I couldn't refuse for the WRX ($14k) and one for buying an EVO IX ($16500, clear title and 23k original miles). Only $2500 for an upgrade, so I decided to take the offer. I'm not sure if I will ever go back to another subie in the near future but If I ever do it will be an 05 STI for sure. Always loved the peanut eye look. Maybe If I had the money I would go for a Hawkeye. Anyways, let me know what you think about the cars. I’m curious to know what kind of experiences you had with your Evo or Subaru. I'm also interested to see if there is anyone out there with a similar experience or if there is someone who actually switched from an Evo to an STI. Post a comment in the message box below. Till next time Takashi02
I would go for the 2015-16 WRX over the Ralliart. But hey if the Raillart is cheaper why not!