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Genre: angst, spy/mafia Pairing: Yoongi x reader Warning: swearing and some scenes of intimacy
Yoongi led you into the massive training facility that Woozi owned. It wasn't as big as the one you were used to but then again it looked better than your father's one. Immediately, you headed to the shooting section. "Same old Y/N, guns first" You picked up a rifle and aimed it at the dummy located around 60 metres from you. The bullet launched from the barrel to the middle of the red circle located on the dummy's chest. You noticed 2 more circles on the dummy, one in the centre of the head and one in the stomach. With the rifle still held up to your face, you fired two more bullets that hit the spots perfectly. "Your turn now Gigi, beat that" He smirked at you teasing him. "I can do it with my eyes closed" "Go on then" His laugh died down at your comment, "fine"
Yoongi's perspective~ He lined himself up and got the rifle comfortably in his grip. Once he was happy with his aim, he gradually shut his eyes and fired. "Damn!" She seemed impressed. He opened his eyes to find that he had shot exactly in the centre of the heart. "Don't act so surprised, I did that last time when I was looking at you remember?" She nodded. He felt the same amount of satisfaction in that moment as he did stood right in front of you now. "What next?" He asked. You shrugged but he noticed something in the distance. It was something that Y/L/N never had in his training facility. He automatically wanted to try it out. "What?" Y/N asked. She could obviously see his excitement. "Let's do the virtual reality scenarios!"
Your perspective~ Virtual reality? As you walked over to where Yoongi headed, you noticed a sign on the wall. 'A virtual reality simulation that goes through real life scenarios. Tests your mental stability. Created by Woozi ' Was this really the best idea? You worried that you weren't as mentally stable as before. This was mainly as a result of finding out your father's true intentions. Yoongi's face was plastered on the window looking in, you were the only one to notice Woozi come over to the pair of you. "I use this on all my trainees and workers. Instead of just talking about possible scenarios and what to do in them, you actually face them in the virtual reality. Y/L/N's methods of teaching survival skills were always lost on me." "Can I go first?" Yoongi pleaded. He was just like a little kid wanting to play with a new toy, so cute. Woozi unlocked the doors and he strode in. "Stand in the centre, me and Y/N will watch your progress"
Yoongi's perspective~ And with that the room darkened. The doors and walls went from see through to misty. He could no longer see Y/N but at least he knew she was watching. "Name..." The computer spoke "Min Yoongi." "Welcome Yoongi, this simulation is to test your mental stability and general survival skills. If at any time you wish to leave the simulation please say 'I quit' and you will be able to leave. Please pick up the equipment to your left, you will need it throughout" There was a spotlight on a rack of weapons. He grabbed the belt and fastened it with 2 handguns and a knife. The lights then raised so that he could see walls around him. He was in some sort of maze. "The objective to this is to get the USB at the centre of the maze, you may kill whoever you need to get to the USB. Remember, choose who you trust"
And with that, he was running. Corner after corner, left then right then right again. He changed his direction in order to get to the centre. Suddenly there were footsteps which caused him to slow down. He cautiously stepped around the corner and fired a shot at the figure. There was no bullet come out yet the figure fell down. 'It's a simulation Yoongi, of course there's no bullets' He kept going, shooting any figure that looked like a threat. He eventually got to the centre and saw the USB stick on a little podium. He strode towards it when he heard a gun click. "Uh, uh, uh." A familiar voice tutted. He turned to face... Y/N? Why was she in the simulation?
"Y/N put the gun down" "Oh wouldn't you like that!" Her tone was different to normal, it was teasing but in an evil way. On top of that, she was wearing all black, she even had black lipstick on. She definitely wasn't the normal Y/N he knew. "Can't let you have that USB Gi!" "I don't want to fight you sweetie b-" "But what?" "I need that stick!" "It's fine, it's fake. I have the real one" He glanced at her with a confused look. "What don't you trust me babe?" Trust. This simulation was all about trust. Was he meant to trust Y/N? Normally he would, but he was sure that she wouldn't normally do this type of thing. "P-put the gun down" he warned. "And what if I don't?" His anger boiled within him and he launched towards her.
He managed to twist her arms around so that they were behind her back. She groaned at the pain and weakly let go of the gun. Once it hit the floor, he kicked it as far away from them as possible. "Why won't you let me take the stick?" "Boss' orders" He grimaced, "I am the boss" "My father's the boss you bastard!" He gritted his teeth at that, he was the enemy. Therefore, so was she. She had to be killed. He firmly gripped both her arms in his one hand while the other fumbled to get the handgun. "I'm sorry Y/N" he said before raising the gun at the back of her head. She shivered at the cold barrel touch her, "I love you Yoongi!" Her tone completely changed to a more sincere one but he wasn't going to crumble in. The trigger was pulled and her figure fell before him on top of his feet. Except, there was no weight pushing down on him. He walked over to the USB and held it in his hands.
Immediately, the simulation stopped and the normal lights were put on. The real Y/N was looking at him through the transparent glass. "Want to do another test Yoongi?" The computer asked. "No I'm fine thanks." He stated before opening the door he came through. Y/N's blank expression worried him. "What?" She remained the same. He embraced her in a warm hug but the only movement she did was to put her arms around him. "You shot me!" She whispered, it sounded like she could burst into tears any minute but was doing well to hold it in. "It's a simulation sweetie, nothing more" She seemed to calm down a bit after his reassurance. It wasn't real, he couldn't bare to shoot her in real life.
Your perspective~ Fear. That's the only word that came to mind when you watched the footage of Yoongi shooting you. It made you worry. Would he do that if that was really you? If you two had stayed enemies, he'd probably have no problem shooting you. Now? Now, you weren't sure. You noted that he seemed hesitant but it still scared you. The man you love could be the one to kill you. You ran famiar thoughts through your mind... 'Relationships in this line of work usually ended badly' But not like this... Surely not! He wouldn't do that if he'd had enough of you, would he? The hug and encouraged words from Gigi weren't fully reassuring but they'd do for now. You highly doubted they'd stop the nightmares though.
"You wanna go babe?" He asked. It would be a good test of mental stability. Or to test how much stability you had left. You nodded and entered the room. The lights dimmed and the walls became misty again. You panicked, you could no longer see Gigi. Yet, the thought of him watching occurred in the back of your mind. "Name..." "Y/L/N, Y/F/N" "Welcome Y/N, this simulation is to test your mental stability and general survival skills. If at any time you wish to leave the simulation please say 'I quit' and you will be able to leave. Please pick up the equipment to your left, you will need it throughout sweetie" You looked at the equipment to your left. Did that simulation voice just call you 'sweetie'?
There was a shot gun and a knife in front of you. You instantly pocketed the knife and held the gun in your hand. Unlike with Yoongi's simulation, when the lights came up, there wasn't a maze as such. Instead, Woozi was stood in front of you. "Woozi?" You asked cautiously. "Y/N, I've captured your father and Yoongi." "W-what? Why?" "Both are traitors, your dad was going to kill you and Yoongi was helping him. Therefore, he's a traitor. And you know what we do to traitors" He led you into another room where your father and Yoongi were both tied up in chairs. "I gave you a hand gun for a reason sweetie" he whispered in your ear. You twirled the gun in your hand. Could you really shoot 2 of the closest people to you?
"Who first?" You said through gritted teeth. "The biggest traitor, I'll let you choose who that is, just make sure that by the time I get back they are both dead" And with that, he walked off leaving you and the two boys alone. You looked between the two men and then you focused your vision. "I guess you're first then" You were staring straight at your father. "After everything I've done for you sweetie" he pleaded. "You're the one who wanted me dead!" You screamed as you raised the gun. Aiming it directly at your father, you wasted no time in pulling the trigger. Just Yoongi left now. He wasn't as pleading as your father, he just blankly looked at you. There was no moment between you where you felt he underestimated you. Quite the opposite, he knew what you were capable of.
"Why are you a traitor then Yoongi?" He refused to meet your gaze. "Your father convinced me didn't he? Told me I could be his new heir as long as I did what he said. I wanted my dream job, I didn't know I'd have to come after you." You raised the gun but your hand was shaking, you couldn't quite pull the trigger. What's wrong with you Y/N? When Yoongi was in this situation, he killed the simulation version of you. So why can't you kill him? He isn't even the real Yoongi. "If it's too hard for you then aim but look the other way sweetie. It'll be ok!" He was reassuring you, even though you were about to kill him. Your hand was still shaking as you lowered the gun.
You ran to where he was sat and looked at the multiple knots that held him to the chair. Tears fell from your eyelids. Somehow, you couldn't face yourself to kill him. So, you raced through the alternative options... "There's got to be someway to get you outta here. We can run away, go into hiding and live together till we grow old. I'll fake a report that I killed myself along with you no one needs to know" You rushed round and bent down so you were looking directly at him. "Y/N.." His voice trailed off. He wanted you to face reality and shoot him but you didn't want to take that as your only option. "Shut up, I don't want to kill you ok you idiot!" "Sweetie, he'll kill both of us if you don't, please... I love you... Just shoot me, Woozi will take good care of you"
You leant closer to him and kissed him softly. It hurt how you couldn't properly feel his lips. Once you moved back, you raised the gun. Like Yoongi said, you aimed, looked away and then shot. The lights in the room then came up revealing your soaking wet face. You'd been crying non-stop for the last minute or so. You dashed to the transparent door and practically slammed yourself into Yoongi's arms. He began stroking your hair as you wept into his chest, "it's ok sweetie shh, I'm here." "Here's the results, you can look at them later" you heard Woozi say to you two. Yoongi swept you into his arms and carried you bridal style back to your room. You rested in each other's arms on the bed while Yoongi read through a piece of paper. "What you reading babe?" You whimpered. "The report Woozi gave me" "How is it then?"
He didn't respond and just handed you the piece of paper. It read... 'Min Yoongi, simulation results = positive. Yoongi has shown traits of trusting those who he needs to trust. He covers up his weaknesses by being mentally strong. Y/L/N Y/N, simulation results = average. It is clear that Y/N is physically strong. However, she has weak spots within her mind that cause her to be partially vulnerable.' Partially vunerable? It was true then, Yoongi was the star boy, he was your protector and you were the weakling girl who let down her father.
"It was just a test sweetie" "But it's accurate..." You sighed. "Don't get yourself down about it, we've got the mission coming up." You tried to ignore the subject change. "Now look who can't think about anything else but the missions" You both laughed. The mood lightened completely. You snuggled closer to him, "we're going to be ok aren't we Gi?" His chest collapsed underneath you as he let out a massive sigh. "Of course we are sweetie~" he sang out reassuringly. You gently kissed his chest which made his breathing steady. It was lucky for you that you were sticking together for the mission otherwise you'd panic about Yoongi. That's when you remembered that Woozi had mentioned something about a new team leader. What was his name again..? Not Taehyung but something like that. That was it... Taeil!