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Now that the spring 2016 season of anime is nearly wrapping up, I have quite a few anime that I need to watch because I decided to wait till they were over to watch them!

Things I'm already done with / up to date on:

- Re: Zero
- Haifuri
- Is There Ever a Girl Online?
- Mayoiga
- Pan de Peace
- Tanaka Kun is Always Listless

Things I plan to watch soon...

- Bungo Stray Dogs (started, didn't finish yet!)
- Boku no Hero Academia
- Flying Witch (also started, but didn't finish)
- Kiznaiver
- Sakamoto desu ga?
- Seisen Cerebus (started, not caught up)
- Twin Star Exorcist

Are there any other shows that aired this season that I should check out?

What have you been watching or planning to watch?

Sakamoto Desu Ga is pretty good you should watch it you'll laugh more than expected
@janekhon to me it was kind of boring at first but it gets better as you keep watching (>y<)
Planning to watch Kiznaiver, people who watched, is it any good?
Imho, Mayoiga was terrible....
@AimeBolanos Sweet! I suspected that one would be funny haha but hadn't gotten into it. @assasingod hiro was pissing me off before i stopped watching lol XD good to know he'll keep making me annoyed -__
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