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Clearing My Phone. 😁😁

So pretty much I run out of space on my phone 24/7, and I saw people clearing their phones on here. So, I decided to do the same. 👌😁
Not all of these are kpop😂, but let's be real, memes kpop or not, are funny as crap.
Andddd of course the marching bands memes, don't judge for me this😂, I just love what I do. 😁👌
I guess that's really it for today, I know it's my first card and all and I'm supposed to tell you all about me and all but this really isn't a full time thing lol😂😂 I just love the app and to be able to keep it I have to get space on my phone. Anywayyy, byess byess. 😁👋
@Brawner13 glad it could help you.
@CallMeMsDragon Thanks for the tip! 😁👌
I have over 4000k on this phone the other photos I uploaded to my computer. Just bought a new computer that hold even more photos I'll upload these and start over again.
I have 676 photos
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