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So I had done a card about songs named 'Fire' before but now I'm kinda been on a roll with this and found 'Run' is another song title that is popular!
There are alot of songs with Run in the title but just the one word there are a bunch as well! Those are the songs I focused in on here.
Now there are more out there but I limited it down to just five of them!
So take a listen and tell me which is your favorite!
BTW this'll prolly be a thing I'm doing for a while until I get bored with it. Finding song's that have the same name. I think it's kind of fun to see what different people have come up with!
Please tell me if you would like to be tagged, in future card's I'll add you!
Once again!
BTS with their song Run
Then there's this beauty of a song!
Mate with Run
Taking it a little slower now with . . .
Okdal with her version of 'Run'
Here's a sweet version .
WePlay with 'Run'
And last but not least!!! I for sure love this song!
Here is Exo with "Run"
Tag List!!!!! Regular tag list!
Fam tag list!
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I was hoping you'd put EXo's on here yay!
EXO's run is my fave (or BTS')