whats up dudes!! Are you ready for a brand new girl group?? Say hello to 021 (0 to 1)!! They are a multinational girl group under LOEN Entertainment and FNC China. The group consists of 6 members and they are specially trained under singing, acting and even DJing!


Stage Name: Wei Yang (웨이양) Real Name: Nationality: Phillipines
Stage Name: RuRu (루루) Real Name: Myoui Ruru (名井 るる) Nationality: Japan
Stage Name: Lina (리나) Real Name: Myoui Rina (名井りな) Nationality: Japan
Stage Name: Jiyoung (지영) Real Name: Park Jiyoung (박지영) Nationality: South Korea
Stage Name: Sona.K (소나-K) Real Name: Park Euna (박은아) Nationality: South Korea
Stage Name: Yuri (유리) Real Name: Hirai Yuri (平井ゆり) Nationality: Japan
Their debut song: Show Me
So, what do you guys think of this new group? Do they have a promising future or will they be short-lived? source: http://jongruhae.blogspot.com/2016/06/021-profile.html?m=1
Are they older? I hope so 😁 I didn't mean it in s pervy way, just would be cool if they're closer to my age
@SimplyAwkward right now, the Japan line is making it hard for me
@SunnaWalo they look a little older like 20-25ish but itll be shocking if they were like 18 or younger
it's going to be hard to pick a bias
they are pretty
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