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It is the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. It has hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, and is the resting place of famous people such as rock star Jim Morrison (pic #3) or composer Frederic Chopin (last pic). Also seems like a nice place to take a stroll (during the daytime).
@Tapsamai haha that's not a bad idea. I mean, I'm dead anyway...might as well as spend the money on charity or something right?
to bury in that place cost that much and lot of work ? forget it then!! I would have my body bury in the beautiful mountains !!
@Tapsamai you're going for the stroll or....? lol
@leecatlee It costs 5256.5€ for 1 square meter to buy a plot in perpetuity, but 331€ per one square meter if you want to borrow for 10 years. To this must be added the cost of the monument. (Prices accurate as of 2010.) But even if you have the money, there is apparently a long waiting list, and you have to have died or lived in Paris in order to be eligible. http://www.pariscemeteries.com/pages/faq.html
soon u will find me there then ; D
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