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A/N: Hey guys, I am back! I hope no one missed me too much >.< (the sad reality is probably no one missed me ;-;) And no I'm not dead. Well not physically, but my brain sure is fried from exams TvT . But now that I have gotten exams out of the way, I can continue updating this fan fiction with less distractions. I missed you guys, honestly, despite the fact that I'm only 4 chapters in, I've gotten so much support, and I'm really thankful for that. I didn't think my first attempt at writing a fan fiction would receive such amazing feedback, and honestly I know my writing isn't exactly considered very organized or grammatically correct. Nonetheless I'm grateful for everyone who takes the time to read it. Thank you~

And without further delays, here is Chapter 5!

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Disclaimer: The story may contain some mature themes, please read at your own risk, thank you~
I woke up much earlier than intended in the morning. Which was a surprise to me considering I was not a morning person.
The smell of coffee wafted through my room and immediately my feet were headed towards the kitchen on their own accord.
Walking into the kitchen, I was met with the my mother sipping from her mug. She looked up at me and smiled. She pushed over another mug. I gratefully took the mug of coffee.
“Did you sleep well?” she asked. “You’re up rather early this morning.”
“Yeah, I actually got a lot of sleep.”
“Wow, that’s good, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you so well rested.” she stated.
I continued to sip my coffee until my phone that was on the table started to ring. I looked at the caller ID to see none other than Jimin.
Before I could reach out and grab my phone, my mom was standing and next thing I know she is answering my phone.
I gave her a panicked look but she just waved me off.
“Hello, this is Ms.L/n. Who is this?”
I looked in defeat as my mom continued to have a conversation with him. She would look at me with a grin and keep on talking, like she wanted to get on my nerves.
“Why yes, y/n is here with me right now, I’ll put you on speaker,” she placed the phone on the table and pushed the speaker button.
“Hello? Y/n?” he asked.
“Hey Jimin.” I said as I looked at my mom who was full out grinning.
“How are you?” he asked. “I’m sorry I had to leave early like that yesterday.”
“No, it’s perfectly fine, you had things to do, I totally get it,” I assured him.
“Thank you for understanding. I have to go now, but I’ll talk to you later.”
“Okay, bye Jimin.”
Before he said bye, my mom budged into the conversation.
“Bye Jimin. Maybe one day you can come over for dinner. I don’t mean to brag, but I am a pretty good cook.” she said.
“That would be great Ms.L/n, I really look forward to it.” he laughed.
After exchanging our goodbyes once again, I hung up. I looked at my mother who was feigning innocence and sipping her coffee.
“Don’t play innocent with me mom, I know what you’re trying to do,” I looked at her pointedly.
“What do you mean? I really want to meet this friend of yours, is that so wrong?” she laughed as she walked out of the kitchen. “I’m off to work honey, stay safe and don’t do anything stupid.”
“Wait mom, before you go, is it okay if you drop me off at the mall?” I asked her.
She looked back at me confused, but smiled and said, “Sure sweetie, but don’t stay there too long, or you won’t have enough time to finish your homework when you get back home.
I figured since it’s Sunday, and I have no much else to do, to go buy something to wear at the mall. I’m not so big on shopping, but obviously I have to, for the sake of clothes.
My mom dropped me off at the entrance of the mall. I went in and began to roam around to different stores, some not even selling clothing.
At some point during my shopping trip, I had stopped off at a clothing store with many pretty dresses. Walking in, a little chime resonated when I passed the entrance to the store. The store clerk looked up and gave me a smile, which I returned. I made my way to a couple of racks in the front of the store, and looked at the variety of dresses in different styles and colors.
I heard the entrance chime sound again, signaling someone had entered the store. I looked up to see Jocelyn and Jimin walking into the store. Hand in hand.
I’ll admit, it caught me really off guard. I quickly rushed away from the clothing rack I was standing at, and moved to a hidden corner of store behind a large clothing shelf.
My heart was racing as I hoped they both had not seen me. It seemed they hadn’t because Jocelyn went straight for a rack of dresses, Jimin waiting at her side.
His expression was blank again, very different from the silly, cute, flirty Jimin I had gotten used to.
Jocelyn was looking through the dresses, every so often holding up one to seek Jimin’s opinion. He would give curt nods, yet even if Jimin said yes, Jocelyn wouldn’t feel convinced and put it back to look for another one.
I was about to sneak out of the store, when Jocelyn started talking, catching my interest.
“So, how did you meet Y/n?” she asked, as she was looking through the rack.
At this his face lit up, but then went back to expressionless. She waited for his answer, but seemed as if she couldn’t care less in the way we met.
“She came into the coffee shop, we talked, and we became friends,” he simply stated. I silently thanked him, that he hadn’t mentioned anything about my emotional breakdown outside the shop, and how he had found me outside balling my eyes out, a soaked mess.
She nodded, probably feigning interest. She slowly took her attention away from the dress wrack to face him.
“Well, you guys only met a few days ago. You guys can’t be that close,” she inspected her nails, while he just looked at her. I thought he was going to say something, but he didn’t respond, slightly hurting me.
She looked up at him and put her hand on her waist.
“I mean is there even anything special about her? She seems pretty basic to me. Just a damned attention seeker,” she complained. I swear it took all my self control to not go up to her beat her up, dragging her across the floor like a rag doll.
But despite Jocelyn’s obvious insults, I was more hurt by what Jimin was doing. Or more like what he wasn’t doing. I had really hoped he would have stood up for me, but he just stood there, expressionless.
For some reason Jocelyn wasn’t pleased with the reaction he was getting from Jimin. So she egged him on once more.
“Come on, Jimin. I want to hear a verbal response. Tell me what you think of her and be honest,” she said, putting emphasis on the word honest.
She looked him dead in the eyes, coaxing him into responding. For some reason, it felt as if Jocelyn was manipulating Jimin, but I didn’t think that was the case. At least I hoped it wasn’t.
But the next sentence that came out of Jimin’s mouth made any logical explanation for his behavior in my head, burn into a crisp.
“She’s nothing to me. We aren’t even friends and she’s pathetic,” he stated bluntly.
I was hurt. Was that really what he thought of me? That I’m pathetic?
My mind was in overdrive, trying to cope with the situation at hand. This then caused me to knock down a display purse off the shelf, making a loud thud on the floor. They both looked in my direction.
I was a deer caught in headlights. I looked between the two of them, both had shocked expressions on their faces. That is until Jocelyn’s expression turned into a sadistic one.
“Well it seems now you know the truth Y/n. It had to be revealed sooner or later. Trust me,” she smiled.
Jimin seemed to be reaching out to me, but I had already dashed out of the store. My mind still racing, meanwhile my heart was recovering from his words.
I tried to tell myself that I was getting worked up over nothing. My eyes started to tear up, but I used all my strength to keep my tears at bay. It’s useless crying about it.
Here I thought that Jimin was different, that he actually liked me for me, something I found difficult when I met people. But it hurts to see that Jimin seems to be no different than everyone else.
By now my stress and emotional levels were sky rocketing through the roof. My mind was in a rush and I had no clue where I was at that moment.
That is until I heard a set of footsteps approaching me. I turned around to Jimin, panting out of breath.
He reached out to me, and out of instinct I flinched and stepped back. Jimin seemed hurt by my actions.
“Y/n, I am so so sorry about what I just said and what you just heard, I didn’t mean any of it, I promise you,” he pleaded, still slightly out of breath.
“You don’t need to apologize for anything. I was being delusional, and you were just stating the truth. I’m sorry for wasting you time,” I whispered, turning around trying to head back.
He grabbed onto my wrist before I could leave. It was becoming increasingly hard to keep my tears from falling, and being in the presence of Jimin was only putting me more on edge.
“Y/n please, don’t think that way, ever. You are not a waste of time, and you’re not delusional either. I care about you, if I didn’t, why would have I come running after you?” he stated, exasperated.
I tried to think as to reasons why he would run after me, but my thought process was cut short when I saw two people approaching in the distance.
My dad with his girlfriend.
I panicked, not wanting to deal with both of these stressful situations. I pulled at my arm, but Jimin would not let go.
“Please Jimin. I need to go, please,” I begged him.
“I’m not letting go until you understand that I meant none of what I said,” he said.
I looked from him to them, preparing myself for the worst experience of my life. Jimin noticed my constant eye movement and he followed my glance to look behind him. He looked back at my face, urgency still clear as day.
“Y/n, who are they?” he asked.
I simply continued trying to pull my arm away to escape, but to no avail.
“Y/n, please, who are they?”
I stopped and gave up pulling my arm, seeing as he wouldn’t let go.
“My dad and his girlfriend.”
His expression went from worried to furious, and back again. He still showed no signs of letting go of my hand.
At this point, they were really close, making it impossible at that point to leave without it being noticeable. It wasn’t until all this was going down, that I realized the massive panic attack I was having. A few traitor tears were streaming down my cheeks, as I was lost for what to do.
The only thing I could say to Jimin were two words.
“Help me.”
Jimin looked behind him, looking at how close they were, and then looked at me. He examined my face, wiping away a single that fell down my face.
My dad was only 2 feet away when all of a sudden I was pulled into a warm embrace. Shocked, I realized that Jimin was hugging me, my head within the crook of his neck.
The smell of mint hit my nose, but not so harshly. My head was resting on his chest, which was rising and falling with each of his breaths. His heart was pounding at a steady pace, instantly calming me down. I wrapped my arms around him, slowly breathing, until I noticed I was breathing in sync with him. Jimin had his hand laying on the top of my head, brushing through my hair.
After a moment, he whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine.
“They’re gone now.”
It took me a moment to understand why he had hugged me so suddenly. He was hiding me from my dad and his girlfriend until they walked away, hiding my face in the crook of his neck. I slowly released him and moved away from the embrace, instantly missing the mint smell, the warmth, and the calmness.
“Thank you so much Jimin.” I tentatively smiled, grateful for his actions.
“Your welcome,” he smiled genuinely.
The hug almost made me forget the previous situation, but I remembered and my gaze slowly shifted down to my feet, a frown on my face.
He lifted my chin up, making me look straight into his dark brown eyes. I gulped at the sudden proximity of our faces. He wiped at my tear stained face, never once did his gaze leave mine.
“Y/n, you are probably one of the most beautiful, intelligent, and awesome people I have ever met, I do not, for a second, believe that you are a waste of time or pathetic.”
I smiled at his statement, feeling a whole lot better. He smiled seeing my grinning face.
“I know, I get told that a lot,” I exaggerated, laughing. Jimin laughed along with me as we proceeded to spend the rest of the time we had at the mall with each other.
As for Jocelyn, Jimin said that Jocelyn didn’t want him running after me, but once Jimin did, it seems that Jocelyn had a bitch fit, getting her kicked out of the store. I grinned at the thought of her getting pushed out of a store for legitimately being herself. The mere image of that was beyond hilarious.
While walking around, I noticed that Jimin's expression was back to the Jimin I had met in the java shop. And boy, did I miss this side of Jimin.
GAHHHH this was so hard to write! One, because I hate when main characters mess up. Two, Jimin is too damn sweet, I don't think he would ever say anything that crude. BUt it's all with good reason, I promise >.<
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