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Going through this right now...
having a real hard time dealing with incompetence of people at work who can't do their job. but love politiking behind your back, because you are "apparently" a threat to them.
I don't have to deal with this situation. I'm better than them and can find a better job. I'm not built for things like backstabbing and lazing around. All I know is to do my job sincerely and go home and forget about work...
I wish I could do this...
But, there is an advice that I need to follow before I say "I Quit".
@Animaniafreak You guessed it right. It's all teamwork. If I play deaf here, I'll be shown the door the next day :)
It's true! The best you can do in the meantime is do your job to the best of your ability.
True enough - or start a biz
Does your work requires lot of teamwork? My work allows me to work on my own for the most part, so I can just play deaf and blind to the office politics