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I have the rapper syndrome!! 馃槷
I was thinking about this yesterday. A lot of my biases/favorite people in kpop groups, end up being rappers! Most of the time, I don't even know they're rappers till later. xD What is it with me picking rappers?! There's GD, CL, Rap Monster, Ravi, Yongguk, B.I, Chanyeol, Sehun, Amber, and Jooheon. That's not even the full list! I think I have a problem lmao.
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omg same lol
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I really thought I was the only one. Since this happens to other people, I guess it just shows how amazing kpop rappers are. :D
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Same!!! Almost all my biases are rappers, and if they're not rappers its the maknaes lol
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i have the same problem. Rap monster Zico G dragon bobby yongguk... it's usually the leader/rapper or the oldest. The only reason Bobby is my ikon bias is because i heard him rap before my sister showed me pictures haha
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@Sarcasticghost I swear, they just call out to you with their rapping.
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