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Girl Group Apink Finally Release Official “Super Adorable” Fandom Lightstick
After five long years since their debut, girl group Apink and their Korean fans, PANDAs, have finally received their first official light sticks!
While many K-Pop fan groups have already been using creative and official colored light sticks during concerts in order to show their support for their idols, female idols Apink had yet to release any type of fan support items. However, recently, the group’s agency Plan A Entertainment unveiled the official light sticks for the group, matching their group color name and fan group name. An adorable panda head makes up the top of the light stick while the stick itself is colored white. In the dark, the nose, eyes and ears of the panda lights up in pink.
That is so cute
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@amberg171997 I know right I want one
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@Kpland1122 I want one too
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